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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Her hair glistens with coconut oil and her fan, half open means she is single... back in the 1870's

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From Mr. John Silva:

"People have been commenting on the profile photo of the woman with a fan. I first found this photo at the Musee De L'Homme in Paris in 1985. The picture is only identified as Sangley Filipina meaning Chinese Filipina. As a photo historian and... collector I have dated this photograph around 1870's and the photographer is Francisco Van Kamp. He was a European that had a photo studio in Manila.

The photograph is unusual because the woman exhibits a subtle and alluring look in start contrast to photos of women, mostly modest looking of that period. Her hair glistens with coconut oil and her fan, half open means she is single.

I have shared that photograph since to others and there have been findings of the same photo in other repositories. But I am pleased to have found it myself since the photo was actually misplaced in the French museum. They had put this picture under Tahiti! I made sure it was back in the Philippine folder!"


  1. As does, perhaps, the ring on third finger left hand?

    1. I have no idea.. that was from the description on the link :) Good eyes kdzu

  2. Yes, John. She truly is.

    Wondering at heritage.

    1. Click the link. They say Chinese and Filipinos


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