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Monday, May 12, 2014

A Reader Asks For Help From Veterans In The Pittsburgh Area......

  I write because I need your help about an article I saw in one of my local papers today.  Stars and Stripes picked it up: http://www.stripes.com/news/veterans/missing-in-america-project-to-bury-28-veterans-unclaimed-remains-1.282683

I don't want to make a big deal over this but if you guys know any Vets in the Pittsburgh area, and could drop this story off to them, I would appreciate it.  I don't care if these deceased guys spent their hitch in the brig, stockade or shoveling shit - they all raised their hands.  And now these poor bastards are destined for paupers' graves because their remains are unclaimed.  They should not go off alone.

I am sure that you guys are inundated with requests but this one is kind of time sensitive (Thursday, May 15) so if you could just pass the word, I would be grateful.

God speed my friends!  And thanks for any help you can give!!!

Robbie in Pittsburgh


  1. Re-blogged and passed along.....

    "Absent Comrades...."

  2. Being 40 minutes away from the 'burgh...I will repost and distribute this widely!

  3. I am not seeing the point of this. There are no modern religions that teach the remains are of any value to the dead people or their families. We bury people for public health reasons not to honor them. Why is this a "veteran's issue"? Why do these people feel the need to interfere in the valid choices the families made with regard to this final disposition? If I could get away with it, I would want my heirs to dispose of my body this way. But since I have assets I have no doubt the state would find a way to bill by estate for a gold-plated coffin. If those veterans had cared as much as you total strangers do, they would have made arrangements for their disposition. It isn't that hard. Even people who have no families can put together a pre-need plan that can be executed by lawyers.

  4. newrebeluniv: You are so wrong. Did you ever stop to think that these military men may have had no family? Or maybe the families are too poor to give them a decent burial. Maybe they died all alone in some alleyway. Our veterans deserve to be buried with honors. Our government doesn't care about them so we have to. They have served our country and are due our respect. They may have not had the money, like you have, to pre-pay and retain a fancy lawyer. You are no better than the elites who think the common man is just garbage. Shame on you. I just hope before you are finally laid to rest, you realized that you lived in a country that was made possible by these forgotten soldiers. Start now and give
    some of your assets to the DAV. You'll sleep better at night.


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