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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Grab Your Air Guitar... Because...

A:  Back in the day you had one, admit it
B:  You played it oh so well, so you thought
C:  The more beer you had the "better" you played
D:  You'll need it for this song......


  1. This is a great tune and the guitars are a smokin' by the end.
    The Outlaws had several great tunes back before they got famous, I have several of their early vinyl offerings.

    BTW, went and saw that Pink Floyd Experience ,just got home.

    When I saw the stage, lighting and the medium big screen behind it, I hate to say I wasn't expecting much.

    I was very pleasantly surprised, mostly by their ability and song selections.
    Not a big venue band by any means but they kicked ass in the medium setting we were at.
    Fits them perfectly.

    1. Nice, I'll have to check out their website. Glad you enjoyed the show!

  2. A high school buddy of mine was a roadie for them for years.
    Oh, and back in the day, I didn't have "a" guitar, I had a Gretch Country Gentleman, two Fender Stratocasters, a Gibson Firebird and assorted 6- and 12-string acoustics.
    Today....yeah, I have one guitar. Dammit.
    Now, I need more beer.

  3. Back in the day it was a piece of of sh&% Aria Pro paired up with a Holmes amp - I think I convinced Mom to get it at the Music and Arts Center in about 1980 or so. What a piece of crap.

    Today: Huss & Dalton DRH Custom, Martin SPD-16 (signed by Chris Martin), Fender American Strat (white/white/maple), 1982 Charvel (plate #0029 - tobacco burst/reverse stock), Flatiron Performer F Mandolin, ~1930 Kay A Mandolin, Esteve GR08.

    Too bad I still suck ass. You'd think after all these years I'd have a modicum of skill. Nope.

  4. I always remember that concert...I don't know how I remember, but I do...A real BLAST!


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