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Friday, November 15, 2013

Sherman Tanks Off The Coast of Ireland...

Malin 2010-5D2 from Diving and Marine Solutions on Vimeo.

From Vimeo:
 This is a short clip of the Sherman tanks from the shipwreck of the Empire Heritage that lies in 70m depth. The wreck is located off the north coast of Donegal in Ireland and is one of the best deep wreck diving sites in europe.


  1. That IS a deep dive for a surface dive!

    1. Special gas mixtures can mitigate some of the dangers of deep free diving (passing the recommended 130 ft limit). While only very experienced divers, with professional Dive Masters supervising the dives – including blending the gases – many professional divers, and very experienced and serious amateurs can safely pursue depths up to 400 ft. Two of the primary deep mixtures include: Hydreliox, a blend of carefully metered oxygen, helium and hydrogen; and, Trimix (the more commonly found blend), a mixture of oxygen, helium and nitrogen. I would imagine that the experienced divers involved in putting this video together were using one of these mixtures -- NOT for general recreational divers!


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