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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

From The Progressive, Hard Rock Darkside of Irish's Ipod......

Light the candles, grab a beverage, dissolve the lights.........


From wiki:

 Out of Myself is the first full length album by progressive rock/metal band Riverside released on December 15, 2003. At the time of its release, Out of Myself was hailed as the best debut album from a progressive rock band in recent memory. It was first released under the The Laser's Edge music label and has since garnered much praise amongst progressive rock fans. This album features some of the quieter moments in the Riverside discography on songs such as I Believe and In Two Minds as well as some of the most interesting soundscapes they have done which are present in songs like The Same River and The Curtain Falls. As well as being the first full length album by the group it is also the first album in the Reality Dream Trilogy which includes Out of Myself, Second Life Syndrome and Rapid Eye Movement.


  1. Not too bad, some of it rocked pretty good and some of it was more easy listening to me. I wouldn't really qualify any of it as Metal though.
    That was cool though, I had my headphones on and just kind of grooved to it.

    I swear I heard some tinges of Dream Theater in spots but the release date kind of reflects that I suppose.
    Never heard of 'em before either.


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