Saturday, August 24, 2013

This Fahkingunt Was In My Hometown.......

>Bela Pelosi<

BEVERLY, Mass. ( -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi brushed off questions about coming to Massachusetts Friday to appear alongside Rep. John Tierney even though he is the target of an ethics investigation.
Pelosi made an appearance with Tierney, who represents the state's 6th Congressional District, at a forum on economic issues for women in Beverly.
While Tierney refused to answer questions at the event, FOX 25's Sharman Sacchetti asked Pelosi about why she chose not to wait until the completion of the probe to appear alongside the Congressman.
"Our timing is about the timing that works for the American people," Pelosi replied. "To create good paying jobs for them and not to worry about what's happening in Washington D.C., but to meet the needs of what is happening to people out here.
Tierney has been under fire since his wife pleaded guilty in 2010 to helping file false tax returns for her brother, who ran an illegal off-shore gambling ring.
When Pelosi was asked if she believed the ethics investigation was warranted, she said she welcomes it.
"I don't know the merits of it, I welcome it. I think John does too, to clear up the issue," Pelosi said.
Sacchetti also asked Pelosi about her longstanding goal to clean up Washington.
"Well, we have cleaned up Washington. We did. And now it has lapsed, but that's not the point," Pelosi said. "I want to go to your question. I'm here to stand with John Tierney and thank him for what he has done for our women's economic agenda."
Pelosi's appearance with Tierney is a sign the North Shore Democrat still carries national support as he faces what will likely be a tough bid for re-election. The California Congresswoman told FOX 25 that she would have joined Tierney at Friday's event even if he were facing no opposition.
Tierney is facing a primary challenge from former Marine Seth Moulton and immigration attorney Marisa Defranco. He is the target of Republicans as well, having narrowly beat Richard Tisei in 2012. Tisei is said to be considering another run for the seat.

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