Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lost Your Keys In The Dark? Here's an easy way to find them......


  1. Got stabbed by one of my Lucky's hairs in that same spot, hurt like hell. Somehow I think this would trump it..... Damn!!

  2. Holy crap! That just gave me the worst shiver up the spine...

  3. Just jerk it out and go to work. It'll probably heal up.

  4. Yea that must smart.

    I had what I thought was a fool-proof way of knowing where I left my car key once.

    Jist before I slipped under the covers I dipped the end of the key in vaseline and slid it up my urethra.

    Unfortunately, one night my girlfriend came over (she has a house key) unexpectedly. I was sound asleep, but she was as horny as could be. She stripped off her tank-top and shorts then she pulled the sheets off of me.

    Last I heard or saw of her was a scream and the front door slamming.


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