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Monday, July 8, 2013

Some Interesting, Disconcerting, Videos To Watch...

via Daily smug

via Moonbattery

via TSP


  1. When will the sheeple begin to connect the dots?

  2. Lots of us have, Chickenmom and we're being pushed to the limits.

    I don't know what forstered this little debacle but that priest didn't do or say ANYTHING out of order.

    I applaud him for standing his ground.

    Anyone know the background to this?

  3. I just did a Google search and found out it's about the council trying to pass an ordinance to prohibt camping out on public property. The Rev. and friends were fighting it saying it was targeting the homeless.

    OK, I sort of get it but to threaten to have a citizen arrested for speaking in a civil manner, no matter what the topic, is Draconian!

  4. There is definitely something wrong with the "official" report on the first one.

  5. All of the things illustrated in these videos are occurring all day, every day, here in America.
    Corrupt, greedy, and power hungry people have taken control.
    If only it would come to a head - this death by a thousand cuts is brutal to watch!

  6. I fought in war to protect the rule of the Constitution. I most certainly did not fight to protect petty little government tyrants who disobey it because their personal feelings are hurt ! They keep this crap up and the result won't be to their liking either...


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