Monday, May 6, 2013



  1. Hey Pissed . . .
    Great pic. Well done, sir, well done.
    What happened to all the pics hidden behind the Andes chocolate mints?

    There's a back-story. An Irish buddy of mine recently talked to you about a project where he needs access to a Bridgeport mill or similar. Once, as a token gag gift, I gave him a pack of Andes shortly after he learned of your place here on the intrabweb. Let's just say there's a certain sense of anticipation to be derived from having to click on those pillow mints before being presented with a pic as fine as the one in today's entry. My $0.02.


    1. Hi Brad, Yes I met your friend and we had a good discussion on his project. As far as the Andes mints, Photobucket decided to delete my account and I havent had the time or where-with-all to set up another picture account to link the "mints" too. Maybe I will soon, now that you bring it up :)


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