Friday, May 17, 2013

Sticky..NEW POSTS Below .....Anybody Want A "WWHBD?"* Bumper Sticker ?

Given the times we are in and all the shit the politicians are doing it would be 

interesting to ask WWHBD?
*What Would Henry Bowman Do?"

 ( I think BUBBA used this before)

I just ordered these ( below)  and will have them in a few weeks. Let me know if you want one.

My email is on the sidebar.

If you read this book:

Then you will know what this is:

If you want to send along a little something to cover the cost of the sticker and mailing I would
appreciate it.

Paypal the same email as my contact:   theferalirishman-at-gmail-dot-com


  1. actually, I'll take 4

    email on it's way.

  2. I started reading that book years ago, and was just trying to remember the name so that I could pick it up. This is the one that starts the the guy getting offed by the feds? right?

  3. I would, but I'm staying low key... But it's a hellva good one!!!

  4. Like NFO i am staying low key , or something . I do still have my Henry Bowman motors license plate holder on the pickup lol

  5. I had a copy on display in my shop...until I realized it was too expensive to leave out. Sticky fingers and all...

  6. Though I haven't read the book but I wanna have that sticker.


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