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Friday, March 22, 2013

Building The Worlds Largest Ship... Amazing....

Maersk and the Discovery Channel have joined forces to bring you every phase of constructing the 400-meter long Triple-E vessel. Visit http://worldslargestship.com/ to see more on the biggest container ship ever built.

Discovery Channel goes behind the scenes and into shipyards to explore the entire construction of the Triple-E, from the initial steel cutting ceremony to its maiden voyage.


  1. The building technology isn't the most significant challenge here- we've been building tankers that size or close to it for 30 years; the infrastructure to support containerization and the automation necessary to keep crew costs down are amazing. Maersk's current largest ship, the Emma Maersk, is being rebuilt after burning and sinking. Downside of all that tech is that when you need manpower, there's not enough people.

  2. Check out the engine that is going to be in there!



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