Sunday, February 10, 2013

2 Feet Of Snow.. Lots of Drifts.. Today is Bright and Sunny

Yesterday was a busy day with snowplowing and snowblowing. Although we got a lot of snow there wasnt much damage as far as trees and powerlines down in our area. The drifts were pretty amazing and as of today things are kinda getting back to normal. There really wasn't anything worth taking pictures of other than snow and more snow. Here's a few of the parking lot at work. Luckily it's all cleaned up and the sun is melting the rest on the pavement.


  1. Replies
    1. It was bad but not as bad as the blizzard of 78. I know there are some areas that got hit harder than we did. The volume of snow is what made it bad although everyone stayed in so they were able to keep up with the roads. We were lucky where we are as far as the power staying on and no tree damage. It wasnt the heavy wet snow like we get later in the season. I'm sure there are some areas that are a lot worse off that us.

  2. I was trying to arange and air drop of porn and beer but was shut down due to " no assisting the right wing anti liberal nut jobs " policy your gov. put in place....

  3. Those are not snowdrifts. They are the result of someone plowing the parking lot and leaving the piles along the edge.

    From the look of what's beyond them it looks like 6-8 inches of partially melted snow.

  4. Wow, after all that, your nanny telling you to stay home or face arrest, power companies brought in extra ppl and paid them for nothing. Boy, and ppl think Obama has the power, nope, its the weather channel. The weather channel has made more false starts them anyone in the history of man, yet everytime a storm MIGHT get nasty, lock up the kids and hide in the basement .............


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