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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Those Dirty Little Mutterfarkers......................

I leave my cast iron pan with my bacon grease stored on the grill at work. Today is going to be steak and spinach salad for lunch. I went over to light the grill and when I opened the lid to move the pan what to my wondering eyes should appear?  

It seems that some fuzzy little rodent has taken a liking to MY Bacon grease!!!

He just signed his own death certificate....

IF you look closely you can see the teeth marks around the edge and there is one paw print.


  1. As long as he/she didn't leave any sprinkles you should be alright.


  2. I didn't see any sprinkles ;) I'll fire it up to 500 or so and kill everything !

  3. I want him dead! I want his house burned to the ground! I want to be able to go over there and piss on his ashes!

  4. Oh come now, it is evident the rodent just wanted to try out a culinary palate pleasing delight. He/she would like it if you left some salad behind---lol

  5. This happened to my Grandad quite often on the farm. He would say several choice words, turn on the gas, wait until the grease was hot and in would go his morning eggs. It must not have hurt him, he died of natural cause at the ripe ol' age of 90.

  6. Funny - I just watched "Mouse Hunt" again, the other night.

    Hope you don't have that particular mouse.

    Besides, what's a little Hanta virus?

  7. So you've got a little guy that loves bacon, only eats his share and leaves you most of it, and you want him dead? Harsh, man, too harsh.

  8. I hates meeses to pieces!..............Mr Jinx


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