Saturday, December 22, 2012

Can "It" Be Stopped...

("it" being the direction this country is going.)

I hope you get the gist of my thoughts here. I was journeying through the deep thought section of my brain last night ( I don't do it often because it hurts) during my nightly hour or so of insomnia.

        We, at least half of us if not more, of the country, believe we are headed in the wrong direction. Everyday the news is filled with negative stories about things that are detrimental to the future survival of this country as we know it. I understand that this is what sells and they do it for profit but still it is there and it is in the news. Then the bloggers that pay attention and try and get the information out there post the stories on their sites and we all read them and share them. One recent one is all the pork in the Hurricane Sandy BillThis one example shows that it's business as usual at the government. The other one which is much more in our face is the horrible tragedy in CT at the school. The first thing they do is make it about guns and the need to take them away. It will be the same after the next mass shooting. Other items that always are being written about are: The Debt, Fiscal Cliff, Unemployment, TSA, Obamacare, Obama this and Obama that, EPA,  Islam, Radical Muslims, Iran, Israel, Syria, Lybia, Greece.......etc. etc. etc.

I can go on and on but I think you understand.

The past is the past, there is nothing that can be done except to learn from it and hopefully not repeat the things that were wrong. Again, many millions of us feel that "something" is coming. We have all read the stories about gun sales. What does that one thing tell us? 

Now to my point. Can "it" be stopped? What will it take?  I have already been reading articles that the midterm elections are needed to stop this. So another couple years of waiting to see what happens. The left is going to want more power and Right will try and stop it. What happens when we wake up on the morning of those elections and it's not what we expected?
At that point another 2 years will have gone by, there will be more mass shootings, unemployment,terrorist attacks,most likely major war, and more and more of the fiscal crisis.

Then do we start to talk about 2016 elections? How many more rights will be lost by then?

It seems that there is no way to stop this on a large scale. The people that are too busy "pulling the wagon" are being crushed under the burden of trying to provide, while the people "riding in the wagon" are voting to keep their seats. This can't continue. Sooner or later the wagon will 
not be able to be pulled and it will stop.

How do we fight against the liberal media? The libtards in Hollyweird? and the libtard entertainers?  I chose to turn them off and not watch them but millions of others hang on their every word.

It seems no matter what happens it is inevitable that we are headed for the Iceberg. 

Can anything make direction change? How or what will it take? The complicit media shovels shit to the sheeple and tens of millions are getting handouts from "Uncle Sugar". It can't continue like this. Since the future is always an unknown I guess we will have to wait and see what it brings.

Meanwhile there will always be a beautiful sunrise somewhere:



  1. If we lose the next set of Presidential elections, All hope is lost. There will be too many dependent, compliant voters that vote in record percentages. It would be like a bad dystopian sci fi novel.

    1. Sorry brother, that ship sailed in 2012.

    2. The can has been kicked far enough! It is crushed.

    3. Absolutely right T.L. When the country reelects a president who has failed on the economy and on foreign policy, who calls for more infringement of our rights, and who has no new policies to offer other than enlarging the police state, then the country is too ignorant, apathetic, and dependent for us to expect there to be much of our America left for the next election.

  2. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)December 22, 2012 at 9:25 AM

    Good people are angry but not angry enough. Maybe it will take hitting that iceberg to finally surround Washington with buckets of tar and feathers. It will be soon. Not one senator or congressman has answered any of my letters and none of them are going to get my vote next time around either. Who you may have thought was good, isn't. They only spew their agenda-not ours.
    In the meantime keep your family and friends nearby. And you are right Mr. Pissed - still take the time to watch the beautiful sunrises. It gives hope for the future.

    1. Not one senator or congressman has answered any of my letters and none of them are going to get my vote next time around either

      Where has voting gotten us thus far?

  3. Both political parties are played by the same hand Irish. That is why we pay income taxes for admission to the circus. Check out my blog. Posted a pic from last summer. See if you know where it is.

  4. My opinion:
    There is no stopping now. The last election proved that even though the majority of Americans are unhappy with what we've got, they're still going to get in line like good Liberal sheep and vote for whoever gets spoon-fed to them. I have two good friends who are very hardcore left. They both feel(as an example) that personal gun ownership is a good thing, and that the 2nd amendment should be sacrosanct, but I have no doubts that if a gun control issue ended up on the ballot, they would both vote to ban guns.

    The cancer has gone too far to remove. The infection is too deep to heal. There are only two options left. We can either enter open, violent civil war, or we can give them all the rope they want and let them hang themselves.

    Civil war would label us as the bad guys. Hole up, protect yourself, and let them burn themselves out. It'll take a wildfire to purify the corruption, and a rainstorm to wash it all away. Anything less is just going to delay the inevitable.

  5. People ought to try and figure out their own personal issues before trying to take on the goverments issues.. If your Happy inside with yourself then nothing else should really fucking matter and those they claim they are not happy with themselves and the ones closest to them really ought to take a big look at the big picture. Protect and love what matters to you no matter what it takes because Yours mine or their opion really doesnt matter and probably wont make a gaoddam difference in the end so why bother!!???? WSK

  6. We are like the alcoholic who has not "hit bottom" yet. When we do (soon), will "we" be able to recover,or will "we" die a slow lingering death??
    To use another metaphor, will the parasites & viruses (moochers, looters, welfare queens) overcome the host body (producers and workers)?? Or will the host be able to starve and kill the disease??

    1. The parasites and viruses have already overcome the host body. They're in control, they have declared the producers and workers to be the bad guys, and the majority of the American populace has bought their drivel. Recovery is no longer an option, the only treatments which remain are euthanasia or a long, slow, painful death.


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