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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This Place Must Be REEEEALLY Boring That's For Sure........

It appears they are trying to keep the natives from getting too restless.

Story HERE


  1. So if I have The Feral Irishman in a tabbed browser page on my phone and I pass that sign I would be a committing a crime?

  2. Holy screaming crap.
    I would love to call the morons who put up this sign, a bunch of bloody drunken wankers - but it looks like they've turned into a bunch of bloody hippocrites, instead.


  3. Sounds like something you would see here in Salt Lake.

  4. No booze? No porn? When did Austrailia become a muslim country? That's just wrong...

  5. That sign is part of the "Intervention" policy in the Northern Territory. An attempt to reduce some of the violence,drunkeness and pederasty that occurs on Aboriginal lands.
    Unless you have been to some of these places you would simply not believe what goes on.
    Typical Australian reaction- legislate instead of enforcing current laws.


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