Monday, January 21, 2019

Watch this eye-opening video explaining what the author believes is a coming civil war in America before it is removed by YouTube

This is a very informative video and worth the 47 minutes time it takes to watch. There are a few excerpts from a "movie" that could have been left out in my opinion, but the author, John Mark, does a good job explaining how the demokrat party changed it's strategy in 2011 when demokrat strategist went from including working class white males to targeting immigrants and minorities only. This has brought about full on communism and the hatred for the white straight male in America. Feel free to pass along.


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Starting With Monday...

Sunday, January 20, 2019

I Survived The 18-24 Inch Snowpocalypse OF 2019!!!

The forecast from the end of the week, as I posted earlier, was lots of snow during Saturday 

night and all day Sunday. The super markets were full and when I went to fill my gas cans on 

Thursday night the girl behind the counter mentioned that they had run out of gas earlier in 

the day.

Reality, 5- 6in max with sleet and freezing rain now. Granted, the roads are bad but this

was nothing like they hyped it to be. I wouldn't doubt if Market Basket and the New

Hampshire State Liquor Store Funded the forecast.  I'm sure they made a killing.

 Take away,

Three days ago the forecast was totally different than reality and we're supposed to trust 

the climate change models for 100 year from now?



Saturday, January 19, 2019

My Local FOX Affiliate Chose To Omit President Trump Addressing The Nation Today On The Subjects Of Immigration And The .gov Shutdown.

I wonder how it was with other networks in other parts of the country today. I would imagine this silence was a concerted effort to torpedo the POTUS. I hope Chuck Schumer saw the speech and I hope he cried. With that said and if you missed it, here it is.

There is a need

H/T to James in Albany

Madame Sphincter....

Coffee + Web Surfing + Abandoned Russian Tanks = New Music Find.

     Morning All :)

I'm sitting here drinking my Joe and surfing the sidebar as I wait for to start prepping for 

Snowmaggedon 2019!!  

 One of the stops was over to Kenny's and this IMAGE caught my eye. It's just after the boobs.

 In one of the comments, Miles Long , noted that the tanks are on Shikotan Island.

 Scroll down in the comments and click on Miles Long's link to an article about the tanks.

  Being inquisitive, I searched for things about the island and the tanks  .

One video that I watched was this one just below. I sipped coffee, hit play and the soundtrack

music started (around the 10 second mark)... "damn" I thought to my self, 

that's some nice guitar work. Suddenly, abandonded tanks were off the list

and music took the lead.

Now I had to go track that song down.

"Siri?.. What song is this?" I asked ( Ain't modern technology great!!)

Siri replied.....

Okay, cool, Siri found it... Now off to Youtube and a search for Bertysolo!!

and another............


I can see this might lead down a rabbit hole of music......

Anyway, one of the other sites that I also happened upon was this one:

 " Behind Closed Doors Urbex"  

You can get lost spending time searching that site for sure!

Now back to reality,

It's a beautiful and sunny morning here which I know is the "Calm before the storm".


We are in the 6" to 12" range of snow that is forecast for tonight. This season, up to now, has

basically been snow free in our area. There's no trace of any snow at all, as you can see above.

More coffee is brewing and the last few preps need to be done. I already have plenty of bread 

and milk and beer of course. :) 

New England winters are what they are and for years and years I have had the privilege

of shoveling, snowblowing and plowing . As I get older, any storm that requires me to pull out 

the snowblower, feels like this :

Once I'm done though, I do enjoy the snow and winter.

 ( As long as the power stays on ).

Friday, January 18, 2019

What Is This Sorcery?? Part Deux... How Long Did She Practice This Incoherence?

New Year's Resolution, I'm Headed To The Gym... BBL...

What Is This Sorcery??

Dubbed "World's Hottest Grandmother", Gina Stewart, 48, releases 2019 calendar with "almost naked" shots


The "Nancy" Memes Are Everywhere Today Just As They Should Be. Just like Nancy should be in DC doing her job instead of partying like a rockstar on the peoples's dime.

    I suppose I could have posted under "Making Chuck Schumer Cry" 





Why Is Trump So Adamant About Securing The Border?

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Largest Ever Recorded Great White Shark Recently Spotted Off The Coast of Hawaii

Ocean Ramsey swimming with Deep Blue in photos shot by Juan Oliphant after it was spotted in the water off Oahu on Sunday by Kimberly Jeffries. Deep Blue became an icon several years ago during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, through her remarkable size and age. She is 20 feet long and thought to be 50 years old. Pictures show the pair getting remarkably close to the deadly animal

Divers could identify her as 'Deep Blue' thanks to a tag she was implanted with when she appeared off the coast of Mexico two decades ago.

Her name is "Deep Blue". She is over 20' long and weighs better than 2.5 tons. She was tagged two decades ago. She was recently seen off the coast of Oahu. Read the entire story HERE. She is nearly as big as the fictitious shark in the 1975 movie "Jaws". Below is the "you're gonna need a bigger boat" scene. 

Me, Earlier Today, Scrolling The Blogs And Twitter As Trump Checkmated Pelousy In 4d Chess....

Posted With All Due Respect To Walter and Peanut...

Liberal Logic


We Are Looking At 12+ Inches Of Snow Over The Weekend...

Meanwhile, check out this Ice Disc that formed up in Westbrook Maine...

Monday, January 14, 2019


 We wake up in a smaller box that is part of a larger box.

Depending on the routine, we will enter another smaller box for a time then proceed to 
another smaller box where there is an even smaller box that is cold.

We take nourishment from smaller boxes, then head back to the second box to stand
in another smaller box to be washed with water that comes from a smaller box partially 
buried in the ground upon which our larger box is built. 

Once the morning routine is done we leave our larger box and proceed to enter an aerodynamic
box that then joins hundreds or thousands of other various boxes going to ten of thousands 
of large boxes where we spend all day toiling.

Then we get back in our small aerodynamic box, commute with all the other boxes and return 
to "our" box.

There, we enter and head to the box with the small cold box and get boxes of nourishment. Some are placed in a small box that gets hot. 

Some will retire after this,and for a bit, sit in another box and watch a small flat box
that tells us what to think and how to be.

After a time, we return again to the box that has the smaller box with hot water. Then off
to the original box to sleep.

No wonder I want to spend most weekends in the woods.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Make Chuck Shumer Cry Again

"Borrowed" From  90 Miles From Tyranny

By Any Means Necessary, We Must Deny The Left Their Wet Dream Fantasy Of Any Type of "Ban" And Must Surely NEVER Surrender Our Arms

From around the interweb:

I don't think she can break Barry Sotero's record for gun, ammo, and Condfederate flag sales, but she can dream.

Who Said Zombies Aren't Real?

Muzzie Date Gets Revenge....

Spot the Coffee....

Ed Buck... Here's One To Keep An Eye On Since The MSM Is All Crickets....

 LINK below... warning for graphic story about a sick fucking democrat :

Edward Buck, a Hillary Clinton donor, is being investigating by the LA County Sheriff's Department over the deaths of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean, who both overdosed at his apartment within an 18-month period 

at least the Dailymail ran this article.

Also when you see what this guy was like the Comet Pizza conspiracy looks that less crazy.

h/t to ninetymiles<<

Caturday Commute...

..and not a fuck was given.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

WW2 Hero Returns To Germany To Meet His Enemy And Rid Himself Of A Ghost

Clarence Smoyer's exploits were so legendary that they inspired a painting. Smoyer, seen here pointing, was haunted by a question from one battle during the last days of World War II.

"Clarence Smoyer's finger caressed the trigger. Sweat poured down the flaps of his helmet. No one in his tank moved or even whispered". Read the whole story HERE.

This is a very good story that took decades and technology to to put to rest and solve part of the mystery.

Below is the YouTube video that Clarence and his adversary both saw decades after the war. Both had watched the same scene over and over in their minds as a civilian car pulled into the middle of a tank dual in the streets of Cologne and was raked by machinegun fire. Then, they replayed the scene over and over in their minds where a young wounded woman spilled from the vehicle. Neither knew the fate of the fraulein their reunion.

Snow In Australia....

Jerry Brown Leaves Office For Good....

Monday, January 7, 2019

I Think "Black Lives Matter" Needs a Mascot....

Damn Straight

Give 'em hell Mr. President and BUILD THAT WALL! The economy of Alabama has improved drastically since Donald J. Trump has taken office. I also want to go on record to say I bought gas last week in Tuscaloosa for $1.72 per gallon. As much good as the POTUS has done (mostly unreported in the MSM), I am still pissed about the bump-fire lay down and play dead by the President, all republikan accomplices, and the NRA. I think DJT is still batting in the 900's.

"Borrowed from Ninety Miles From Tyranny

Ya Know, Lawyers Get a Bad Rap..These Two On The Other Hand....

  are kinda likeable....

Live Steam.... No Soy Eating Beta Males Or Females...Oh ya, and no OSHA

Sunday, January 6, 2019



Friday, January 4, 2019

This Is One Of The Funniest "WTF Just Happened" Interactions......

The more times you watch the funnier it gets.... 



from this guys twitter <<<

This is a perfect example of "how to" drum up support to crush the commies in CW2 (caution normal ghetto/Detroit language)


I watched the five o'clock local news (FOX) this evening specifically to see whether or not they would run this story. Naturally, they did not, Nost of the MSM was silent on this matter too. With classy mooslem women such as Rashida Tlaib seen here, I can sort of get a handle on why mooslem men are attracted to goats and camels. YouTube will pull "how to" videos of gun repair etc, but allow an idiot of the "peaceful religion" to spew disdain and run down the POTUS at will. I bet in less than two weeks after she moves into the House of Congress her office will reek of curry spice and piss.

Image result for image of nancy Pelosi with rashida tlaib

                                  Nancy looks all cozy with these_________________(anything but Americans).

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Catching a "big cat"

The British wanted to capture a Tiger tank during WW2 for technical/performance evaluation. Here is a short story of that capture.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

It looks like "Drinking Bear" might be a member

Image result for aunt jemima

By now most have seen the fake beer drinking  spill where Elizabeth Warren launched on Instagram in an attempt to pass herself off as a "normal" everyday American woman running for president. I cropped a photo of this debacle and tried to zoom in to the top shelf above the cabinet. Notice what appears to be an Aunt Jemima doll on the top shelf. Whether it is or not, we may never know, but if that was Donald Trump's kitchen and if that was a...........Oh nevermind, yall all know what the reactions from the MSM and the race baiters would be.


For those that haven't seen it, here is the clip with some injected humor.


When you take time off and someone is concerned.....

Tuesday, January 1, 2019


I feel like I've been playing some this morning........................................................................................................