Friday, January 3, 2020

Friday Femme Fatale....




  1. Irish,
    You devil, you make Fridays worth surviving the rest of the week. Of course, now that I am retired, one would think that the day of the week would not matter, but in fact, it does. Between doctor's appt. for me, my wife, and my daughter, which I have to drive to all of them, it seems like I never have a day off.
    I guess that old saying is true, If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.
    Anyway, have a great weekend, and Happy New Year.
    I forgot to mention, I had to change my email address too, stupid f-ing computers.

  2. Hey Irish,

    The cold fury post link has a redirect virus attached to it be careful when clicking on it, I'm using AVG antivirus.

    Happy New year

  3. The Cold Fury link in the blogroll. Same thing happens when I click on the Cold Fury link at Kim Dutoit's site - get redirected to a third-prty website. Looks like someone is trying to hijack Mike's site.

  4. I look forward to viewing your postings every day, especially on Fridays!
    Did you hear about the gay midget? He came out of the cupboard!

  5. Friday's with Irish are the best. Especially funny today is Trump asking who else wants to take a dirt nap. And then there's Pink Floyd. Wow...

  6. @Neon madman. I tried the link earlier with Safari in my iphone and now with Firefox on the desktop. Both go to the site with his post from yesterday. Weird?

  7. Glad you all enjoy the postings :)

  8. Angel’s Envy???

    Has anyone tried it???

  9. Glen, not yet. It is available around here so I might give it a try. It get's good reviews.


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