Tuesday, October 31, 2017


The terrorist is reported to be from Uzbekistan and is a holder of a "Green Card".


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Jeffrey;

It is the New Normal..especially according to Londonistan Mayor Khan. DeBlasio will say the same thing...we musn't offend the muslims

Jeffery in Alabama said...

You are correct MrGarabaldi. The commies and their liberal media propagandist mouthpieces would have us believe these types of actions are the new norm and have law abiding Americans surrender more of our rights under the guise of "fighting terrorism" . I don't know how much longer the northern liberal hives will tolerate such foolishness, but many areas of the country still know how to deal with snakes, wolves, and other types of "predatory vermin". Mad dogs have no place in society and have to be put down when they show signs of rabies.

JWMJR said...

These animals started this crap back in 2006.

At some point a well trained marksman is going to take a high perch in a target rich environment, some place like Dearbornistan a seek revenge, giving these animals a rich taste of their own medicine.

edutcher said...

Great argument for open carry.

Not to mention giving Bill Wilhelm more time with his family.

Anonymous said...

Bluntly put. The Liberals and their agenda is responsible for each of these death.
Their solution, of more gun controls, and helping relocate 20,000+ Islamic refuges, with a strong 5th column of ISIS/ISIL terrorists, in to the USA. Plus they fight Trump in the courts, at every step of the way,from properly vetting and weeding out the terrorists to stop the flow from terrorist countries. So the Liberals, as has been said, are either idiotic or are following a Globalist planned agenda. N-N

Anonymous said...

To bad NY is a restricted carry carry state for the rich and elites. The common man is left to hang.....

Robert said...

Invited and Welcomed by Chuck Schumer.

Leigh said...

Which is exactly what TPTB want. The left has been pushing us so hard, trying to provoke a reaction from the right to justify their jump to Martial Law.
Once it starts - GAME OVER.
The United States as we know it will be gone. There won't be a defined battlefront anywhere across the continent. It will be a socioeconomic, race war from border to border, that will make Bosnia look like a water balloon fight.

Whitehall, NY

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Bury Mooselimb terrorists with pig parts.

Leigh said...

Yeah, but if you notice, Jeff: they only pull that shit in the part of the state that is blue (ie - Demonrat controlled). Up here, that behavior doesn't fly any better than it does in your neck of the woods.
Unfortunately for both of us, liberal hives infest every state in the Nation. It isn't just a North / South thing either, as they they are prevalent along whole coast line on both sides of the country.
I am waiting for Benito Cuomo-lini, Shitmer, and Blasio to start harping how we need more gun control because of this. You know Statists - any reason to get their Commie on.....

From behind enemy lines in the Peoples Republik of NewYorkistan.

Whitehall, NY

Anonymous said...

Yup, the peace train people driving peace trucks to do the job that Americans won't do. indyjonesouthere

Jeffery in Alabama said...

I will agree with you Leigh in that almost every "city" of any size (let us use the number of 50k or greater) has the normal "hive-like-symptoms" and more than their share of "blue votes" regardless of what section of the United States said hive may be located. Cities are very much like tons of universities in that they receive millions (and in some cases billions) of dollars for minority and "immigrant" programs. These funds come from the tax dollars extorted from working Americans, period. If a young man or woman comes from a white middle class family, he or she pays for their education at X university. If a young man is a lottery winner immigrant from some third world hell hole without any skills or services to offer our country other than to be a demokrat vote, his education, housing, healthcare, etc will be subsidized by .gov. Is it right that our country's government puts the welfare of "any person other than a true American" before the welfare of REAL Americans? I am sure most on here would say, "of course not". Right is right and wrong is wrong. These programs which import people who have zero interest in assimilating into "The American Lifestyle" are wrong in so many ways.

On another note, have you seen how Schumer and deBlasio have turned this into an anti-gun/pro-gun issue? It is maddening.

Deo Vindice

skybill said...

Hi Irish,
'What irks my ass more than anything else right now is that "smirk" on that bastards' mug!! He is one proud son-of-a-street walkin' dog!!! He picked a good place to do this.... The "powers that be in NYistan" will probably just lick his ass hole, apologize profusely, let him "walk" and give him a "Wal-Mart Gift Card" to boot!!!
Blue skies,
Black Death,