Saturday, October 28, 2017

More Cultural Genocide: The Church Where General and President George Washington Attended Is The Latest To Cave To _____________ (fill in the blank)

No longer is it just Confederate monuments that are in danger of being removed. Church leaders at the Christ Church of Alexandria have decided to remove a memorial which for years had honored the legacy of George Washington in order to make the church "more welcoming". 

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H/T to James in Georgia


  1. Sounds like it is the church leaders are the ones who need replacing

  2. Send it to me! I'll put it on MY private property and dare ANY motherfucker to get me to remove it. All these so-called "Christian" leaders, spineless, ball-less. Christianity is supposed to be a FIRM religion. "Here are the rules and commandments. You act only so far, no farther. I tolerate the sinner in hopes that he will repent. I do not tolerate the sin."

    B Woodman

  3. Not to worry overly much - given the way church attendance numbers are going, it won't be a church much longer.

  4. The left are behaving exactly like the fascists they claim their opponents are. Next, book burnings, pogroms, special clothing for those they consider to be 'untermenschen' or derplorables and faked attacks a la Matthew Bracken. Interesting times we live in

  5. The slaves were owned by Martha, through her first husband IIRC, so these morons are stupid as well as ignorant.

  6. I'm betting the real estate value of the land the church is on will sell quickly, after the church finds a huge loss of revenue.

  7. This is getting ridiculous!!! Sigh

    1. In Reply to "Old NFO!!!,"
      A Big "10-4!!!!"
      Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat!!!,

  8. And apparently in a triumph of irony, the church has a big banner up that says "All Are Welcome Here."


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