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Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday Femme Fatale......


  1. 27 was in a lot of movies.

    And it's always cleavage season.

  2. Your cougar sign made me remember this gem:

    I was walking along the river behind my house with the dog a few years back when I bumped into a couple of conservation officers sporting a shotgun. They stopped my and asked me if I'd seen a cougar.

    I asked them "Plenty of two legged but none all four"

  3. Thanks, Irish. A pleasure, as always.
    BTW, I married a cougar, over 23 years ago. We first got together 39 years ago. Went our separate ways after a couple of years. After that, both of us made bad choices for spouses, but eventually got together again. TDDUP.

  4. Excellent collection, thanks!
    I can't tell if those are cherries or crab apples in number 17, but I'm checking for local orchards....

  5. yes, I. Am.
    and my wife want's me to stop for awhile so she can catch her breath.

  6. Marry Jameson Girl, but have threesomes with her and Jack Daniel's Girl.


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