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When You Finally Remove The Free Corn.....

A Fellow Blogger Needs Some Help....

 Blogger George over at Armedlaughing is in need of some help in getting a new
orthopedic lift chair:

He writes:

Over the past few weeks, I have become weaker.  Lymphoma can do that.  I’ve loss muscle-mass, making getting out of my orthopedic lift chair difficult, sometimes even impossible.
The chair herself is now broken and irreparable.  Chair experts advise I am in need of a new one.  This is not like buying an ordinary chair.  They are build for patient height and weight, and many stores simply want to move them off the floor, patient need come-what-may.
And, of course, I’ve few funds.
My friend (an ex-gf) said she will set up a donation page toward this end.  And my ex-wife (a different person!) told me she to help!
A quality chair can cost well over $1200, funds I do not have.  And, given my circumstances I NEED a chair with a warranty.
And in the past month I have had to call the fire department FOUR TIMES to help me get out of my broken chair!
(How pathetic is that!)
Below is Judy’s Fundly Account she set up on my behalf.  Of course, there is also the PayPal account on this blog.
If you can take action, terrific, GREAT! (and THANK YOU)  If you are unable, please keep a good thought…



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♫♫ Everyday Normal Guy ♫♫

This is pretty funny.. watch for NSFW language.

Reader Tim emailed this in earlier today. It's been around since 2007.

 Give it some time and enjoy the lyrics............

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North Dakota Farmer Plows The NFL A Message In His Field


I would seriously advise against doing something as stupid as this at this particular venue!

"Activist" may burn Confederate-nazi flag at NASCAR Race this weekend at Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Alabama.

This idiot obviously is not aware of the fact that NASCAR has asked fans not to display Confederate flags at their races. Neither is there enough security in three states to save his sorry ass from the fate that awaits him should he follow through with this publicity stunt. Story HERE.

WOW ..Huge Anti Weinstein Protest March Live!

Monday, October 9, 2017

I guess this is something like "Gay Nazis For Christ"


Read the entire story HERE

The title was a little confusing when I first read it, but after re-reading I understand the conundrum the libtards are faced with. The gays, in this case, are saying muslims suffer from "homophobia" (defined= "fear of homosexuals). That is like the ANTIFA trash calling conservatives "FACIST" when they themselves represent communism both in tactics and ideology. Mooslems are not "scared of homosexuals". Both of these groups need to consult Mr. Webster's dictionary. Islam promotes the hating of sodomites and urges it's followers to kill them. Make no mistake about it, muslims will kill homosexual people anytime and any place if given the opportunity (i.e. 2016 Orlando night club shooting, rooftop "sacrifices", gays lynched using constructions cranes, etc.).  

Your Argument Is Invalid...

 The on going news that is coming out abour Harvey Weinstein sure does make the left

look like a bunch of hypocrits.. but we already knew that.

 h/t to Robbie for the image.



 found here<

"So, Do You Like Football? " A Classic

ETA.. I just found this Bob Nelson Routine over at THEBURNINGPLATFORM.

Back in the day they made real comedy!

♫♫ Sunlounger - Lumumba ♫♫ Heard on Pandora....

Soil Nutrients....

My "Nephew" Trying To Figure Out The Cat Toy...

 My Buddy's puppy named Bentley :

An Open Letter To The NFL Players....

This was sent in by reader and friend Jeff. If anyone knows the origin please let me know so I can add  the Author and give credit.

Dear NFL Player,

“You graduated high school in 2011. Your teenage years were a struggle. You grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Your mother was the leader of the family and worked tirelessly to keep a roof over your head and food on your plate. Academics were a struggle for you and your grades were mediocre at best. The only thing that made you stand out is you weighed 225 lbs and could run 40 yards in 4.2 seconds while carrying a football. Your best friend was just like you, except he didn’t play football. Instead of going to football practice after school, he went to work at McDonalds for minimum wage.

You were recruited by all the big colleges and spent every weekend of your senior year making visits to universities where coaches and boosters tried to convince you their school was best. They laid out the red carpet for you. Your best friend worked double shifts at Mickey D’s. College was not an option for him. On the day you signed with Big State University, your best friend signed paperwork with his Army recruiter. You went to summer workouts. He went to basic training.

You spent the next four years living in the athletic dorm, eating at the training table. You spent your Saturdays on the football field, cheered on by adoring fans. Tutors attended to your every academic need. You attended class when you felt like it. Sure, you worked hard. You lifted weights, ran sprints, studied plays, and soon became one of the top football players in the country.

Your best friend was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division. While you were in college, he deployed to Iraq once and Afghanistan twice. He became a Sergeant and led a squad of 19 year old soldiers who grew up just like he did. He shed his blood in Afghanistan and watched young American men give their lives, limbs, and innocence for the USA.

You went to the NFL combine and scored off the charts. Your hired an agent and waited for draft day. You were drafted in the first round and your agent immediately went to work, ensuring that you received the most money possible. You signed for $16 million although you had never played a single down of professional football. Your best friend re-enlisted in the Army for four more years. As a combat tested sergeant, he will be paid $32,000 per year.

You will drive a Ferrari on the streets of South Beach. He will ride in the back of a Blackhawk helicopter with 10 other combat loaded soldiers. You will sleep at the Ritz. He will dig a hole in the ground and try to sleep. You will “make it rain” in the club. He will pray for rain as the temperature reaches 120 degrees.

On Sunday, you will run into a stadium as tens of thousands of fans cheer and yell your name. For your best friend, there is little difference between Sunday and any other day of the week. There are no adoring fans. There are only people trying to kill him and his soldiers. Every now and then, he and his soldiers leave the front lines and “go to the rear” to rest. He might be lucky enough to catch an NFL game on TV. When the National Anthem plays and you take a knee, he will jump to his feet and salute the television. While you protest the unfairness of life in the United States, he will give thanks to God that he has the honor of defending his great country.

To the players of the NFL: We are the people who buy your tickets, watch you on TV, and wear your jerseys. We anxiously wait for Sundays so we can cheer for you and marvel at your athleticism.

Although we love to watch you play, we care little about your opinions until you offend us. You have the absolute right to express yourselves, but we have the absolute right to boycott you. We have tolerated your drug use and DUIs, your domestic violence, and your vulgar displays of wealth. We should be ashamed for putting our admiration of your physical skills before what is morally right. But now you have gone too far. You have insulted our flag, our country, our soldiers, our police officers, and our veterans. You are living the American dream, yet you disparage our great country.

I am done with NFL football and encourage all like minded Americans to boycott the NFL .”

Author Unknown but spot on.


National boycott of the NFL for Sunday November 12th, Veterans Day Weekend. Boycott all football telecast, all fans, all ticket holders, stay away from attending any games, let them play to empty stadiums. 
Pass this post along to all your friends and family. Honor our military, some of whom come home with the American Flag draped over their coffin.  
Please "share"................ ........ ...

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Sounds about right

The Autumn Moon Lights My Way......

When The People Don't Go Along With The Media's Narrative...

 Go see HERE<<

before they delete it.

Seeing "Red".. and it's not an antifa meeting....

sent in by reader Russ

I Do Agree With The Premise That There Are Those That Will Benefit From The Las Vegas Tragedy...

 Who , What , Why , When , Where and How? Will need to be answered the future.

Given the polling data from yesterday the majority of you ( as well as many many others
on other blogs) are in the belief that the shooter did not act alone. New evidence is supporting this as the investigation goes on.

Disclosure, I don't agree with all the premises in this video and some of the stated facts
have already been debunked. That being said , if the links to other parties as noted are possible
then there is a lot of sifting that needs to be done.

I borrowed this from It ain't Holy Water


Added after I noticed this
I did not post this at 9:11 am on purpose.

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Irish Poll On The Las Vegas Tragedy..

Las Vegas Shooter

Face Value -Just A Nutcase
Gun running patsy
Part of a larger plot no way this was one guy
Anti-Trumper Left winger
Illumanti, NWO, Deep State, etc
quotes 2 know

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Maybe We Can Easily Fix Everything...

 President Trump can sign an Executive Order to make it illegal to break any laws.

See, that was easy.

Spineless As Well....

sent in by reader Jeff

Watch And Listen To This Video Of The Taxi Driver At The Mandalay...


Possible echoes and possible another gunner?

This video analyzes the available raw footage of the Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

  This was linked in a comment posted at IOTWReport by Bad Brad.

If any experts want to weigh in, please comment.

 As the creator of the video states:

This video is out within 24 hours of the shooting and the current theory in the media is there is a Lone Wolf Shooter who committed suicide, and did the shooting from the 32nd story of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. We analyze the available raw footage in support of and/or contrary to the current theory. Disclaimer: We have little to no information at this time on the details of this event and will revise and update our analysis as more information becomes available.

ETA,  I noticed this video won't start at the beginning. ??  You can rewind it once it's open

I have tried embedding a few times. ( It worked fine for me earlier )


 I will also add this link over to AESOP's place.

Who, How, Why, and WTF? 


 I've been playing with this in my head all day, so let me indulge for a few minutes. It may be overtaken by events later today, but this is where it is at the moment.
Stephen Paddock, 64, multi-millionaire, $400K retirement home, multiple properties, two airplanes, private pilot, instrument-rated, wears reading glasses, retired aerospace accountant and real estate mogul or somesuch. Divorced (for the last 27 years), no kids AFAIK, lives 90 minutes up I-15 from Sin City, but his roommate/gf/? is a 62-y.o. fililpina who's looking like the wrong side of the portrait of Dorian Gray. Can go anywhere he likes, do anything he likes, fly all over the country, or play in Vegas, but hooks up with Tiny Troll in Reno, in a strip club. Likes to gamble, and has multiple CTRs for cash payouts of $10K, $20K, $30K, etc.



Monday, October 2, 2017

There Seems To Be A Lot Of Strange Things About This Shooting....

From the National Review,

Based on the Early Reports, the Las Vegas Shooting Is Very, Very Strange

Before I begin, let me clearly state two things. First, as I note in the title of this post, my observations are based on early reports, and early reports are often wrong. Second, do not read this post as implying any sort of conspiracy theory of any kind. I’m merely noting the facts as we currently understand them — and how they differ from recent mass shootings. 
 As virtually everyone has noted from the abundant video footage of the incident, it certainly sounds as if the shooter used either fully-automatic weapons or semi-automatic weapons modified (through, for example, a bump fire stock) to closely simulate automatic fire. Moreover, the police are reporting that he had “more than 10 rifles.” He apparently rented his corner room for days and may have even set up cameras to detect when police were approaching. That’s all strange enough, but it’s even more unusual when you consider that his own family apparently didn’t know that he maintained a stockpile of guns. Here’s this, from the gunman’s brother, suggesting that the gunman wasn’t an avid gun guy at all:

 I will add.. There must be video security surveillance of the hotel and the floor he was on.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes to light on that.


Tin Foil Hat Time...

...OR maybe not??

 Recently Matt Bracken had predicted this scenario and also wrote about it in 

His Enemies Foreign and Domestic Book:

Eerily similar......

BULLETS RAIN DOWN UPON A PACKED FOOTBALL STADIUM, killing dozens, and triggering a panic stampede which leads to a thousand more deaths. A police marksman kills the sniper, a mentally unbalanced Desert Storm veteran holding a smoking assault rifle. It's an open and shut case, or so America is led to believe... 

Matt Bracken on INFOWARS ( FWIW) :

 On a side note. The shooter went through all that trouble to randomly spray bullets into a crowd just to commit suicide?


We Will Never Get The Actual Truth About The Las Vegas Shooting...

  Everything will be convoluted as you can already see by the various media stories and blog comment threads.

 What ever the reason, this is another tragedy that will have the various cast of characters dancing in the blood of the innocents.

Fuck the shooter and the true reasons for this.


Saturday, September 30, 2017


Horsin' Aroung On Caturday.....

When My President… I Didn’t Take a Knee.

When My President… I Didn’t Take a Knee –

This is a good one to share:

When my president lied to me and claimed 4 of my comrades were murdered because of a video insulting Muslims…I didn’t take a knee.

When my president shipped pallets of cash to my sworn enemy…I didn’t take a knee.

When my president failed to identify Muslims as terrorists and Islam as an enemy of the state…I didn’t take a knee.

When my president claimed that a man who tried to kill another man who lawfully defended himself could be his son…I didn’t take a knee.

When my president defended a thug who bum rushed law enforcement…I didn’t take a knee.

When my president ordered businesses to spend unnecessary funds to appease a minority of people who need mental intervention far more than they need their own toilet…I didn’t take a knee.

When my president ordered that words ‘one nation under God’ be removed from the pledge of allegiance…I didn’t take a knee.

When my president lied to me and said I could keep my doctors and my premiums would go down…I didn’t take a knee.

When my president spent my tax dollars in foreign lands to interfere in their elections…I didn’t take a knee.

While my president sat by passively and enabled ISIS to emerge as a stronger force dedicated to spreading Islamic ideals by committing murder, rape and torture…I didn’t take a knee.

When my president allowed dictators and murderers to violate his red lines and continue to murder women and children with chemical gas…I didn’t take a knee.

When my president chastised law enforcement for their actions but ignored the violence in our streets…I didn’t take a knee.

When my president identified the weather as the greatest threat to America’s safety while Muslims worldwide are murdering innocent people…I didn’t take a knee.

While my president’s insistence that pacifism and reform in numerous areas of the globe would bring peace but instead led to the strengthening of those that seek to destroy us…I didn’t take a knee.

When the election of my president broke barriers never thought possible in America ended up being the high point of his eight years in office…I didn’t take a knee.

 When my President told a foreign minister to bide his time because, “After my next election I will have more flexibility,”... I didn’t take a knee.

 After my president sold guns to Mexican drug lords... I did not take a knee.

In all that time I never disrespected our Country, our Armed Forces and Veterans, or our Nation. I remained vigilant.

I didn’t take a knee. I got a new President.

#maga. (Unknown Author)

Shared from IOTWReport and Politopinion

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Subliminal Lunch Suggestion....

The Leading Cause Of Teenage Afflictions Such as Blindness, Acne and Hairy Palms Has Passed....

If you hadn't heard by now.. here is the FOXNEWS story


Why should the NFL only have hot women has cheerleaders? Maybe they need more diversity?

Use their own tactics against them.....

( Squawker ) Hot on the heels of one users efforts to make a secret “Normie Redpilling” site under the guise of the NFL Boycott. A story you can read more about here. Now 4chans infamous Politically Incorrect board is taking things even further. Launching a full scale campaign aimed at pressuring the NFL to draw a clear line in the sand of just how far done the Social Justice Warrior rabbit hole they really wish to go. Their tactic this time? Pressing the NFL to openly address their seemingly transphobic lack of trans cheerleaders.

The tactic originally was brought up in a discussion thread for the previously mentioned 4chan created site. When a user asked what other efforts could be made to bring the league to heel quicker, it was quickly agreed the best tactic was to get them attacked by both sides. With Conservatives already up in arms, the question soon became how best to trick the left into outrage as well. Given how easily modern Liberals are triggered these days, it wasn’t long until a plan was formed.

Now formally called Operation: TransLeader the effort has moved into high gear. With almost nonstop threads running over the last few days organizing the effort. For those interested in participating, here is a step by step guide. Which even includes the promise of free sexbots at the end as a reward for your hard work




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Big Brother, Nanny State, ASS-achusetts and Applus Technologies.... What Do They Have Going On You Ask?

 Check out the new ASSachusetts vehicle inspection requirements.

There will be 4 cameras in the bay plus a personal camera the technician uses.


Massachusetts-based auto enthusiast forums and Facebook groups are abuzz with concerns about revisions to the state's vehicle inspection program that will take effect October 1. Although the laws regarding inspections remain unchanged, updates to inspection equipment will include five cameras in every bay to verify that no violations slide by with a sticker.

A Massachusetts Department of Transportation document outlines the upcoming changes. A new vendor, Applus Technologies, won the bid for a $29 million five-year contract to oversee the inspection program. One reason their bid was lowest is that inspection stations, rather than the state, will be expected to foot the $5,710 bill for new computer equipment, which includes the cameras, wireless equipment, robust tablets that can withstand an auto shop environment, two printers, and anti-fraud technology to make it more difficult to produce counterfeit stickers.

Applus Technologies is no stranger to Massachusetts vehicle inspection. The Boston Globe reports that this is the same company that managed emissions testing in the early 2000s that was found to be wildly inaccurate. In 2004, the state ordered Applus to replace all of its faulty equipment within nine months. Many were surprised to learn that Applus had regained the contract, and hope that reliability and accuracy issues do not return.


My first thought is, how is Applus connected to the lawmakers? Hmmmm..... 

I am so glad I left that shithole of a state.

Patiently Waiting For The Dog Toy Aisle........

Obamacare For Life.. According To Drudge...

 Stupidity. Of. The. American. Voter.

Subliminal Breakfast Suggestion.....

With a side of:

A Different Take On NFL Protests/Good Points

Borrowed from Chief Nose Wetter at It Ain't Holy Water

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From "The Washington Pravda": Haters are going to hate! I hope the entire bunch of those sniveling RHINOS who are threatening to retire as reported in this propaganda piece do so ASAP

Hey Washington Post, still think "Big Luther" is going to win? Your credibility is about the same as the NFL and sinking faster than a submarine with screen door!

The stunning defeat of President Trump’s chosen Senate candidate in Alabama on Tuesday amounted to a political lightning strike — setting the stage for a worsening Republican civil war that could have profound effects on next year’s midterm elections and undermine Trump’s clout with his core voters.
The GOP primary victory by conservative firebrand Roy Moore over Sen. Luther Strange could also produce a stampede of Republican retirements in the coming months and an energized swarm of challengers.
It marked yet another humiliation for the Washington-based Republican establishment, particularly Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), whose allies pumped millions of dollars into the race to prop up Strange and reassure his colleagues that they could survive the Trump era.
Moore’s win, however, also demonstrates the real political limitations of Trump, who endorsed “Big Luther” at McConnell’s urging and staged a rally for Strange in Huntsville, Ala., just days before the primary. The outcome is likely to further fray Trump’s ties to Republicans in Congress, many of whom now fear that even his endorsement cannot protect them from voter fury.
“People think about those things all the time up here,” said Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.), referring to unease in elected Republican ranks. “A lot of them won’t be run out of town — they want to stay and fight for their beliefs. But they know Moore’s supporters will come after them anyway.”
President Trump speaks at a campaign rally for Sen. Luther Strange in Huntsville, Ala., Friday. Strange was defeated in the GOP primary Tuesday. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters)
The tremors began before the polls closed in Alabama. Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), the chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, announced on Tuesday afternoon that he would not seek reelection in 2018, dogged by complaints from conservatives in his state over his criticism of Trump. A number of Corker’s potential primary rivals had already begun talks with wealthy donors.
“If you’re an incumbent, you have to assume the wind is against you,” said consultant Tom Ingram, a longtime Corker adviser. “If you do run, you take nothing for granted and leave nothing on the table. You start out with one big strike against you: You’re an incumbent Republican senator.”
For Democrats, the prospect of further retirements and revived GOP infighting has sparked talk of competing for Senate seats previously thought out of play. That is particularly true with candidates like Moore, long considered a fringe political figure who has, among other things, expressed doubts about whether former president Barack Obama was born in the United States and referred this month to “reds and yellows” in remarks on race. On the eve of the election, Moore, wearing a white cowboy hat and a black leather vest, pulled a handgun out of his pocket and flashed it at a rally.
“It’s almost as if there is a compulsion in the party to nominate the most ‘out there’ candidate just to show you can, with no concern about what that means for the rest of the party,” Sykes said. “Republicans — and that means Trump, too — have unleashed something they can’t control.”
Hard-line challengers to Senate Republicans seized on the fall of Strange, who had been boosted by Trump and millions in outside Republican spending, as a sign of how the clamor of anti-establishment forces like Breitbart News — chaired by former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon — could empower them, regardless of whether Trump rallies behind sitting senators.
 Play Video 1:55
Bannon headlines rally for Roy Moore in Alabama runoff
Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon spoke at a rally for Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore on Sept. 25. (Elyse Samuels/The Washington Post)
“People everywhere are outraged with the swamp, but there has been hesitation in some states among people who are thinking about it. They wondered whether these senators can be beat. This changes all of that,” said Danny Tarkanian, a GOP businessman running against Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.).
“I was with Bannon last night, talking it through, and what’s happened in Alabama increases the likelihood that I jump in,” said Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R), who is considering challenging Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), speaking Tuesday before polls closed. “It’s a race that has repercussions across the country.”
McDaniel, who nearly toppled Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) in a messy 2014 primary election, added, “It’s an in­cred­ibly exciting time. I admire President Trump but people will reach their own conclusions. They’re going to vote against those who play the D.C. games. That means they’ll go against McConnell and against Roger Wicker, who is part of the established order.”
With Corker retiring, seven Senate Republicans are expected to run for reelection next year: Wicker, Heller, Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Ted Cruz (Texas), Deb Fischer (Neb.), Orrin G. Hatch (Utah) and John Barrasso (Wyo.).
For months, only three of them — Flake, Heller and Wicker — were widely seen as vulnerable to primary upsets. But in the wake of Alabama, GOP operatives are no longer ruling out an expanded map of targets for Bannon and his associates, such as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who stormed behind Moore’s candidacy to reassert her influence within the party.
“They try to say you’re off the reservation any time there’s a tough vote,” Shelby said.
Veteran Republican pollster David Winston, who works closely with party leaders, said that “given what Bannon has been doing, you could see how other primaries could be of value to him and his network. Alabama was their test case and Moore winning probably opens the door a bit in other places.”
Bannon seems ready to yank open that door, huddling in recent days with Republicans mulling primary campaigns. Tennessee state Sen. Mark Green, who had been considering a Corker challenge, was with Bannon in Alabama. The Mercer family — Bannon’s billionaire backers — have been in touch with these contenders as well and McDaniel said they have encouraged him to run.
When asked about rumors that the Mercers and other donors have pledged more than $1 million to McDaniel, he replied, “It may be more.”
“For Mitch McConnell and Ward Baker and Karl Rove and Steven Law, all the instruments that tried to destroy Judge Moore and his family, your day of reckoning is coming,” Bannon said Monday night at Moore’s election eve rally, listing the names of Republican operatives who are allied with McConnell and spent more than $10 million to boost Strange’s candidacy.
“They think you’re a pack of morons, they think you’re nothing but rubes, they have no interest at all in what you have to say, in what you have to think or what you want to do,” Bannon told the crowd.
Voting with Trump and donning a red cap emblazoned with “Make America Great Again,” as Strange did with Trump last week, may not stave off primary challengers who style themselves as GOP rebels.
“What we’ve noticed is that Trump voters aren’t necessarily looking for Trump, they’re looking for candidates who are outsiders like Trump and will lean toward people with that sort of background,” said Robert Cahaly, a Republican pollster whose firm surveyed the Alabama race. “Strange seems establishment, he’s not seen as disruptive at all, so he was at a disadvantage.”
Retirements among House Republicans could rise as well.
“More and more Republicans may say I don’t want the hassle from the activists on the left and the Trump Republicans on the right,” said GOP consultant and Trump critic Rick Wilson. “There’ll be more who say, ‘I’ll hang up my spurs.’ ”
Trump’s role in those 2018 primaries is yet to be determined, according to his confidants and White House officials.
“The president went into Alabama because of loyalty and political necessity,” said Christopher Ruddy, the chief executive of Newsmax Media and Trump’s friend. “When he’s faced with this kind of situation in the future, he’ll support his friends but the question is how far he goes. He may be a little careful.”
One of Trump’s first choices will be how much to get behind Moore, who GOP leaders fear could be a burden to Republican candidates nationally. At Trump’s Huntsville rally Friday — when he conceded he “might have made a mistake” in backing the incumbent — Trump vowed to “be here campaigning like hell” for Moore if he won, while acknowledging his limitations.
“Roy has a very good chance of not winning in the general election,” Trump said during the rally. “Roy is going to have a hard time, but I will be backing him if he wins.”
Next month, former vice president Joseph R. Biden will campaign in Alabama for Doug Jones, a former prosecutor whom Democrats believe could be competitive against Moore.
McConnell’s orbit dismissed suggestions late Tuesday that the Alabama result crippled his standing and instead chalked up Strange’s defeat to the party’s stalled efforts to pass legislation and local dynamics. Strange, a former state attorney general, was appointed earlier this year by a Republican governor who later resigned amid a sex scandal. Strange’s defeat came on the same day McConnell shelved the latest GOP health-care proposal.
“There is going to be a rush to overanalyze Alabama,” said Josh Holmes, McConnell’s former chief of staff. “McConnell showed he will go to war for Republican senators, come hell or high water. A lot of folks out there would have cut bait when an election turns but that’s not who McConnell is.”
And for both sides, it’s war.
“I fully anticipate a whole lot of people who had nothing to do with the result taking credit for Alabama,” Holmes said, mentioning Bannon and Breitbart News. “It’ll lead to more friendly fire in our party, which will make it tougher, not easier, to pass health care and taxes. What we need is cohesion.”