Friday, December 8, 2017

Winter Finally Arrives Here In New England....

OH NOES !!!! ELEVENTY!!1!!!!... Scientists say volcanic eruption possible in New England

  Click bait headline news...

This is exactly why the news trys to suck you in with those types of non important stories.....

You have to read to the last line to see what the truth is:

(WHDH) — Scientists say a volcanic eruption could one day take place in New England.
Researchers at Yale and Rutgers looked at data from seismic measure devices across North America.

They say a mass of warm rocks in the region could one day lead to an eruption.

Experts added that such an event wouldn’t happen for millions of years.

"Well thank god for that"..Irish 

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

My son killed another nice buck this evening

Thankfully, the "extraction" wasn't nearly as rough as the buck he had harvested last week. This evening my son called me right before dark and said he'd killed a "goodun" and needed help getting the deer out of the woods and loading it onto his jeep. Anticipating that I would think he was "pulling my leg", he emphasized that he was not kidding and that he had indeed killed another deer and needed my assistance. I could tell in his voice that he was telling the truth. He was somewhat excited as I would have been too.

It is something to ponder

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Charlie Daniels: Have you seen America?

                            I am blessed to have seen and experienced many of the "subjects" contained in this well done video.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bud Moore NASCAR Hall of Famer, WW2 Combat Vet, Landed at Omaha Beach June 1944, Five Purple Hearts, 2 Bronze Stars

Bud passed today. He was 92. I wonder what he thought of some of the young snowflakes of today with their "safe spaces",  "sensitivity training", political correctness, etc. RIP Mr. Moore.

Seen here with Dale Earnhardt. More on the story HERE.


Leigh Finishes A Gun Project....

I've had this on the back burner for a while. It got put off, then forgotten. Only took a week of puttering on it once I started.

My neighbor has a single action revolver in 45 Long Colt. Seeing how it is stamped, Made in West Germany, it has a few years on it - it also indicates it isn't exactly a high dollar piece, either. None the less, he likes it and has fun shooting it. That was, up until a few years ago, when the cheap injection molded, plastic grips broke. I took it upon myself to either find a set of grips for it, or make some. Being an obscure and obsolete manufacturer, I settled on doing it the hard way - I took a piece of mahogany and fashioned my own.

Not being the master woodsmith that John Jay is; I made due with a coarse bladed high tension hack saw, a coping saw, a cordless Dremel, and a 1" wide bench mounted belt sander. The inletting was done with a mixture of X-Acto knives and various wood chisels. The countersunk holes for the grip screws were roughed in with a 3/8 fostner bit, then dressed out to final size with the X-Acto - I somehow lost my 7/16 bit. I put on a finish of Teak Oil to round it out with a nice rubbed oil luster. If it were mine, I would have stripped the fading chrome finish off, then blued the steel and blackened the alloy pieces.
Otherwise, it doesn't look too bad for a first effort - and I'll know what to watch for next time.


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Oh the hypocrisy, Nancy, will it never end?

Nancy Pelosi defends FRANKEN, KLINTON, and CONYERS, yet attacks President Trump and calls Judge Roy Moore a "child molester". In a  statement on NBC's Meet the Press Pelosi defended the demokrats. Of MI demokrat congresssmen John Conyers she said there is "due process and he is entitled to that". This is another example of the "double standard" we see in national politiks and the MSM. Elitist, such as Pelosi, McConnell, Lindsay Graham, etc, believe they can hornswaggle the American people at will. It must stop.  STORY

Friday, November 24, 2017

In the state of Alabama, tomorrows game between Coach Gus Malzahn's Auburn Tigers and Nick Saban's University of Alabama's Crimson Tide ranks up there with Christmas and the "opening day of deer season".

Update: Gus owns Nick this year. Congrats AU.


It is called "BLACK FRIDAY" for a reason

This massive brawl occurred at Riverchase Galleria just south of Birmingham (technically Hoover). I am not sure of the cause, but the news report I saw stated that at least a dozen police officers responded, but no one went to jail. WTF? Here is a shocker. The mall was closed early. One hour prior to the fight officers were called to the parking lot of Macy's (same mall) after reports of gunfire. I predict it will not be long until this mall goes the way of dinosaur as so many other shopping centers and malls have in the last fifteen years or so as a result of this type of behavior. When shopping becomes unpleasant and dangerous, paying customers move on to safer venues.

More on this story

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

I  would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay safe, enjoy your nice day with your friends and family and eat lots of turkey!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Der Untergang (Downfall 2004)

I posted this as a follow-up to the spoof of Hitler doing "Thunderstruck" that I had put up Saturday. I am sure most of us have seen our share of similar parodies set to that famous movie clip, but I was wondering how many have actually watched the entire movie. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys history and particularly to anyone who has a love of WW2 history/European Theater of Operations. The film is well made and very authentic (architecture, uniforms, events, etc.). I know it is available in the original German version, subtitled English and English speaking versions. I first saw the movie within a week of finishing Hugh Trevor-Roper's 1947 book The Last Days of Hitler. It is a fantastic book and is based on accounts and interviews from some of the people who were present during the last days of madness inside the "fuhrerbunker". Trevo-Roper was a British intelligence officer who was tasked with detailing the last days of Hitler, thus the title implies.  Though this site doesn't list the book as being part of the basis for the movie, I have read where it was as well as several other books which were too (Trevor-Roper's book could have been the actual screenplay).  Another of the books is Soldat: Memoirs of a German Soldier 1936-1949 by Siegfried Knappe. Knappe ended the war as part of General Helmuth Weidling's staff helping to defend Berlin from the Russians. The last two weeks of the war Knappe, who was a Major, reported daily to the "fuhrerbunker" and in person to Hitler giving a daily situational briefing of the the goings on in and around Berlin. In 2005 I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Mr. Knappe at length on this subject. It was fascinating listening to someone who actually had been a part of that period in history. One of the interesting facts he told me was how he was asked to surrender his sidearm the first few times he was to meet with Hitler. Then, as things became more chaotic, he was ushered right inside the bunker without having to check his pistol. He also told me in the last few days, he actually thought of killing Hitler but didn't see how it would change things very much, it would have been suicidal for him,  and he knew Berlin couldn't hold much longer and the war would end. So, he decided against it. That portion of Mr. Knappe's book and the part that describes his time in Soviet captivity was the most interesting parts for me. Anyhow, back to the movie I would say if anyone has not seen Downfall, it is worth the time.

Monday, November 13, 2017