Friday, December 8, 2017

OH NOES !!!! ELEVENTY!!1!!!!... Scientists say volcanic eruption possible in New England

  Click bait headline news...

This is exactly why the news trys to suck you in with those types of non important stories.....

You have to read to the last line to see what the truth is:

(WHDH) — Scientists say a volcanic eruption could one day take place in New England.
Researchers at Yale and Rutgers looked at data from seismic measure devices across North America.

They say a mass of warm rocks in the region could one day lead to an eruption.

Experts added that such an event wouldn’t happen for millions of years.

"Well thank god for that"..Irish 

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  1. No doubt, caused by Glo-BULL Warming.
    Cue Al Gore to start another whirl wind tour around the world to push for more reductions of our freedoms!

    Whitehall, NY

  2. About 20 years ago, they saw that the South Sister in the Oregon Cascades had grown in elevation, a couple of inches, and "they", the USGS said the mountain could explode like Mt. St. Helens did.
    This crap is just like the globull warming crap, the ocean acidification crap, and now this.
    It's just fear mongering to glean taxpayer funds for more "research" to line the pockets of irresponsible scientists. I work with them every day. And they are reprehensible assholes.
    I do real research, and have to put up with these assholes, but I never expected this to be a problem 30 years ago. Only 5 years to retirement. Sometimes I think my prostate cancer should have killed me. I might have been happier about it.


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