Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Think About This For A Minute....

   I found the following post shared in a post by "B"

So, it is Monday. My FMLA ( family medical leave) abuser is on his second week of holiday, and my other operator is on vacation this week. I get the machines up and running and am just about done with the job, when, boss comes up. I am one of the lucky ones to go downtown for a random drug test. Having just used the restroom, it was going to be a bit before I was ready for the test.............


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  1. "Let me get this straight. If work or own a business, I pay taxes, fees, licenses, etc. If I have over a certain number of employees, I am forced to pay their insurance, workman's compensation, etc. I am also subject to lawsuits for sexual harassment, discrimination, and on the job injuries, etc. If don't work or if I am a refugee, I can draw app. $2,700.00 per month in benefits (cash, food stamps/ebt card, subsidized housing (section 8 housing is now $250k homes in the burbs), subsidized utilities, healthcare, medicines, etc. This is not accounting for the more children I have or produce the more benefits/money I can collect." For a person who grew up and never saw either parent go to work or actually ever own a home or aspired to build a future beyond this .gov utopia, the choice would appear to be simple.


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