Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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** Pardon the visual, but we could have Barackus and Hellary giving each other high-fives as they watched live feed of Benghazi, toasting
champagne and screaming "DIE YOU BASTARD STEPHENS!" and the majority of the Leftists would STILL vote "D".
** Wanna bet there are a LOT of stories and converts from "pro" refugee to "anti"?  Wanna bet there are - PRECISELY - zero people who go
other way?
** Liberalism is a mental disorder.

** This, and myriad other, articles won't matter.  Facts don't matter.  Examples don't matter.
** But don't you DARE say there's a resurgence of anti-Semitism here and around the world.
** On a shirt I once owned, prior to y2K.  "Ammo: The currency of the new millenium."  Looking prophetic.

** I honor him for his service and many things, but time for him to pack it in.
** I have ZERO doubts he's ensnared.
** We could have images of Hellary and Bernie forehead knocking on a prayer rug with members of Hamas and a majority of American Jews
would vote for them.  One of my co-workers, a fellow member of The Tribe, said openly "I'll vote for the Democrat no matter who it is."
** But we'll honor our side no matter what.
** It looks like Barackus is fighting against the USA... because he IS fighting against the USA.
** VDH is always a must-read, and he just skewers Hellary.  Related:
** That'll leave a mark.
** Absolute must-read.  And it brings to mind so many conversations I have with Lefties.
** Imagine if a GOP pol said "Women who get raped are uncovered meat."  Outrage.  Muslims say it... cue crickets.
** Quote: "It's coming as quite a shock to many people to realize that those who govern them feel no particular loyalty towards them."  >>
Happening a lot, all over the world.
** How soon before this attitude becomes murderous towards the refugees?  It will spread, it will metastesize, and it will turn deadly.
** A liberal whom I admire.  Wow.  Good for him.
** Looking forward to Part III.
** An excellent read.  When people look to the leadership and see the leadership exempting each other from laws, from rules, from ethics...
they decide they will too.  This is how Rome fell; not when the
leadership itself became corrupted, but when the common Roman finally grasped that they, too, needed to do this to survive.  Just as the
average American is now grasping this.  For example:
** It doesn't matter.  Hillary could be on video handing Putin classified documents that she, on audio, affirmed were classified... and 80% of
Democrats would still pull the lever for her.
** (shocked tone) NO!  Say it ain't so!
** Quote: "Next stop: U.S.A."  >> I suppose the only "good" thing about this would be that the primary victims will be Liberals in their
** I put my head in my hands when I read stuff like this.
** Death panel.
** The First Axiom of Research: Results will be biased towards that which continues careers and funding.
** In the case of Iran, run by people whose motivation is what happens AFTER they die while fighting the infidel, I'm far more worried than
** If ONLY we could just get them to kill each other, and only each other.

** A religion of pieces.
** Yes we do.. Yes we do.  They will, as soon as they can do it and use them without a high risk of being stopped.
** Quote: "Immigrant remittances received by Mexico have surpassed Mexico's $23.4 billion in oil earnings.  This means the government of
Mexico is more dependent than ever on the earnings of maids and
gardeners in the U.S. to keep itself afloat."
** One word why: "RAAAAAACIST".
** The problem is that people don't want principles any more.  (Not saying Cruz is perfect, but nobody is.)
** Because details and context are everything.
** Yet another reason I don't want a "smart" fridge.

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  1. Re: pro-refugee turning anti, but not the other way-- I saw a report about a study in Canada, where one group watched a TV show "Little Mosque on the Prairie," and as they continued watching it, their attitudes toward Muslim immigrants improved, while the control group who didn't watch didn't change. Since it's Canadian TV, I'm sure it has to meet their rules on tolerance and diversity, meaning nothing negative (or truthful) about the minority portrayed. I bet if they did a follow-up study in a few years, to see if any in that first group have had a "personal encounter" with a non-TV immigrant and changed their attitude back (without fear of being set to one of their re-education camps, for holding a politically incorrect opinion).


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