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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fire Starting for Cooking and Warming, etc.

I was visiting Kenny's site, Knuckledraggin My Life Away, and there was an interesting topic about building fires for cooking, warming, etc., what people carried while hunting, camping, hiking, etc. to start fires Some of the comments were very interesting and informative. That conversation prompted me to post this simple "gasifier stove" that can be built for practically nothing, is light to carry and takes up little space in a pack. It eliminates the need to carry fuel as it is fueled by using dry twigs that can easily be found most anywhere in North America. It burns super hot and produces almost zero smoke. Here is the YouTube link.

By the way, for fire starting, I usually carry a disposable lighter in my pocket, waterproof matches in a match safe, and as a last resort, a magnesium fire starter in my pack. For cheats when in a hurry or in really wet conditions, I carry cottonballs lightly dipped in Vaseline, Esbit or Trioxane fuel tabs, or steel wool sandwiched between two pieces of duct tape. All work very well.


  1. And if you've got steel wool and a 9 volt battery or a couple D cells, you've got another source of ignition - roll it up and touch each end to the terminals and it'll begin to burn.

    1. Yes, it will! In my thoughtless years when I have been in the middle of nowhere on a dirtbike, jeep, etc. and without matches, I have taken a paper towel or rag and ever so lightly dampened a corner with gasoline from my tank and arced a spark from the battery of what I was riding or driving to build a fire in pinch.


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