Saturday, December 12, 2015

♫♫ Sixties Sychedelic Saturday Soundtrack ♫♫


  1. Whoa, had that on 8-track and played it while a bunch of us cruised slowly through an old cemetery drinking Granny's Blackberry wine and maybe doing a few other things. This would have been back in about 1970. Good times.............

  2. Saw them do this one at Winterland in 1971, just before their release of "Meddle".

    It was a very psychedelic evening.


    1. "Meddle", one of my all time favorites.......

    2. I have been listening to Floyd all day at work. Go to YouTube at search for the following. Pink Floyd meddle full album. Find the 2011 remastered. It looks like the one in this video.

      So far today I played them in order
      Atom heart mother
      Obscured by clouds
      Dark side of the moon
      Wish you were here
      The wall
      The final cut
      Momentary lapse of reason

      And currently I'm streaming
      the division bell.

      It's been all day Floyd

    3. I have almost all the Floyd now on cd. I've been going in the opposite direction from you and listening to select cuts starting with "The Nile Song", then Cymbaline"and ended up cranking "Interstellar Overdrive". I'm thinking about digging out my copies of the films "La Vallee" and "More". I haven't watched either in many years. "La Vallee" is pretty strange and it's all in French with subtitles. "More" has a pretty good story line spoken in English and you get to see Mimsy Farmer naked. One of my boyhood crushes back in the '60s.


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