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Friday, September 15, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..... Welcome....






 Get comfortable.....








And now some relaxing yoga before bed......

Stay safe out there and enjoy the weekend!!


  1. Yeah, what the fuck was Downey's dog doing? Christ that Hollywood is one fucked up place lol.

  2. Who's the jerk who scribbled on 118?

  3. All awesome Irish!

    #19 seems to have misplaced the barrel on her shotgun. Maybe I was blinded by something, eh?

  4. Your presentation makes me hungry for soooo many things.....

  5. Nice bush on 2, hi, Lucy, nice impression on 9, nice suds on 26, 103, nice relaxation on 35, nice girl next door on 47, nice looking older lady on 60, 133, nice gapping on 73, nice cup holders on 75, nice splash on 93, nice bouncy on 105, 107, 115, nice hourglass on 111, nice lube on 113, hi, Lynda, nice suspenders on 129, nice tush (if real) on 134.

  6. You took the prize this time! They've all been good FFFF's , but this one - magnifico!

  7. Ah the memories…we had a red 69 Chevelle when I was in high school

  8. I could taste the buttons on 44. Thanks Irish, lots of great cars and titties in your post this week.

  9. Great mix of things I'd like to drive, and things I like to eat, and things I'd like to eat. Wink 😉
    . I love how you have been adding the Milfs

  10. Yeah, I had the original Hot Wheels (5) track with clamp. The graphite wheels kicked ass over Matchbox cars. ‘68?
    Two year later riding the Honda 50 mini Trail Bike. Best times eva!!

  11. 1 - Looks like Lee made a mess of the Bunker.
    2 - Hello, to you too!
    4 - Love a Hot Mom.
    8 - When Lucy was younger, she was quite the looker.
    12 - Why do I expect Phil to come around the corner in a leather apron?
    25 - I'm not fond of lifted trucks. Doubly so for jacked up GTO's. That thing is UP there!
    31 - POTN 3rd Alternate
    47 - POTN 2nd Alternate
    51 - MILF of the Night
    52 - MOTN 1st Alternate
    54 - Ooooo. Shapely. POTN 1st Alternate
    57 - If Count's Kustoms, Horny Mike built 4x4's.
    59 - My POTN!
    61 - Just, DAMN!
    71 - Yeah, but you knew that before hand - yet you went anyway. Sorry, not sorry.
    74 - A trio of 38 Chevy Coupes.
    75 - OK. When's your friend get here?
    84 - Nope. If I tried to take a leak there, my dick would try to escape out my ass.
    86 - Jennifer Love Hewitt. So hot back in the early 2000's. Still holding up well, at 44.
    90 - 68 High Boy. Too bad he has the wrong grill in it. The chassis looks restored, now just finish the body!
    94 - What a tight little package.
    95 - If I was a sailor, I would have fallen for a Siren, if they looked like that.
    97 - Started without me? Cool.
    98 - The beginning of a great night.
    99 - Uh, oh. Looks like Doc is in for it this time!
    102 - That would be my nephew, if he had a motorhome.
    103 - Something about a beautiful woman getting clean, to stir up dirty thoughts.
    105 - Seduction fail. Just ended up being goofy. It worked though.
    108 - I literally laughed my ass off.
    112 - Friggin' Datsun in the way of the picture.
    113 - Great Ogily Mogily!
    116 - Jeff's POTN, to be sure.
    118 - That is a well done Photoshop. Looks real and looks really good.
    119 - Either that was staged, or she is a little too used to pulling straight from the bottle.
    121 - Talk about a firm set. They hardly moved at all. I miss those days.
    126 - Lynda Carter. Totally deserving of her Mrs World USA title.
    137 - The Great Gig in the Sky, from Pink Floyd's 1973 release: Dark Side of the Moon

    It was definitely an F and A body kind of night.
    Thanks for throwing me a tasty bone in the middle.
    Hope you survive the big drizzle.
    Have a good weekend, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  12. always the high point of the week. Well done sir. Well done indeed.

  13. always the high point of the week. Well done sir. Well done indeed.

  14. Guy in England has a free site of various celebs. One was a topless of Lucile Ball. He died of an infection and they all disappeared.

  15. the next to last one had me laughing out loud. god, people and their phones. dave in pa.

  16. Some succulent pieces of tender meat there today!

  17. Been following your site for a few months, and especially like winding down the week with femme fetale. This week's was superlative 👍 Many thanks for your site.

  18. So, what happened to the shotgun barrel on #19? Not much use now except as a club.

  19. Was that a Browning A5 with the barrel removed?

  20. Any idea where #2 originated? Movie? I could watch that for days!

  21. #109 . . .opening scene from Jaws, Chrissy's last swim.

  22. #77 is a good start but still needs more bacon. :)

  23. Nice, very nice. Opening gif was exceptional, love to see some pelts. The 72 Roadrunner, beautiful.

  24. Last one was nice but I'd suggest searching "Naked Yoga" on Youtube. Bleedin' 'ell, darling!

  25. Spectacular set brother. The Betsy Russell scene is always a classic, Mathew Modine was a lucky guy especially with Linda Fiorentino Yoga, she’s not doing it quite right.

  26. Uuuum. What happened to my post?

    Whitehall, NY


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