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Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.. Heat Wave....











  Have a good weekend and stay safe!!


  1. Well done, Mr. Irish! (I want that Grand Prix!!! Yeah, out of all of em, that's it). :)

  2. Nice drawers on 14, no fan of pantyhose I, but nice plump on 19, 32 (plus satin robe), nice MILF on 20, nice globes on 35, nice broad in the beam on 41, nice undercarriage on 42, nice sea hunt on 53, 58, 128 needs a bit more broad in the beam, nice Adolphe William Bougereau on 63, nice smorgasbord on 67 also 68, nice hammock on 73, nice angel wings on 83, 99, Hello, Stella, nice older lady on 92, nice bouncy on 98, and the answer to 54 is, "They really aren't. Fulfill just those functions mandated by the Constitution and we need no income tax nor FICA. The rest is just for politicians to waste".

    Nicely done.

  3. What a way to end the week. I look forward each Friday. May the wind be to your back, Irish.

  4. Where's the editor? #4 is the perfect end, and it's at the beginning. #55 and #56, They all look the same is an insult, except when they are the same and who cares when they look like that? Daily double. #80, Somehow I just know I never met her mom, back in the day. Irish, thank you. A great way to end the week, as always.

  5. Tits! Tits Rule! Redheads and flashers rule too! You must have been hungry when looking at the pic dumps this week. Lots of good looking food along with a bevy of beautiful buxom womens, to wit:

    #7 is Raquel according to googley eyes
    #15 is, I believe, Sigourney Weaver, although googley eyes returns "Lady"
    #17 We called them pounders
    #54 Wilson's Folly and the reason that .gov is so out of control and been almost since then.
    #62 Double Handful's of beauty.
    #71 Cutie
    #74 The road agent there has a sense of humor.
    ...and you saved my favorites till the third and fourth quarter, FLASHERS!

    Thanks and have a great weekend. We sure needed this distraction after this week's events.


  6. Excellent pics one and all. I always loved Gene Hackman's work, ever since "The French Connection" back in, what? 1970?

  7. Lots of lovely titties. Thanks. Who's the band?

  8. Awesome!
    Thank you!

  9. In ‘92 I was sent to Santa Paula Airport (Ca.) for some fire sprinkler work on one of the hangars. It was a bit surreal when the door was opened by Gene Hackman. It was his hangar and he was building a one seater plane from a kit with his 12 yr. old son. He surprised me by jumping right in helping me with some of the work just being a down to earth regular nice guy.
    Thanks for the great show- babes, memes, humor, cars. It’s good to get the mind off the bizarre world we are living in now.

  10. If it were a team sport then Team Red wins!

  11. nice twins in #55 & #56.

    @Don - That band is Pink Floyd (tineye.com is indespensible for IDing pictures)

  12. Loved the Classic Playboy pix, and Sophia! I remember when that Vargas Girl was published. I believe the caption was "No, I asked you how you liked my ASP, Silly!"

  13. Last week a gentleman requested more bush; Irish delivered. Not that I am a gentleman or anything like that, but how about some strawberry bush next week?

  14. Is that a young Jaqueline Bisset at 23?

  15. Hey, is #21 country singer Jo Dee Messina?

  16. Always worth the visit. Thanks Irish! MartyB

  17. Dang. How I could I forget FFFF until Sunday! I did the retainer clip thing yesterday AM. $4 for a pack of them at O'Reilly. At least I can roll down my window again.

    A young Sigourney Weaver! Damn! That's from either "Half Moon Street" or "Death and the Maiden", I think.

    #114 - ROFL!

    Well, my Sunday is off to a fine start! Probably all downhill from here.

  18. Cynthia Myers certainly knew a thing or two about big cans!
    --Tennessee Budd

  19. Sandra Otterson is always well received.

  20. Gotta love the gingers…! They rock!


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