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Friday, June 24, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago...It's Been A Long Week








Stay safe and alert out there. Try and enjoy the weekend!!


  1. Nice upholstery on 2, nicereality on 7, nice pint of milk on 14, 65, nice bouncy on 17, nice older lady on 43, 89, 101, nice welcome home kiss on 69 (not to mention nice tush), very nice tush on 83, 87, 105, if 109 needs it, I'll be glad to keep her warm, noble sentiment on 110, that's Hedley, nice everything on 121, nice sumptuous on 131, and too many luscious flotation devices to count.

    Since we end the week on perhaps the highest note since V-J Day, If you look at the rationale for overturning Roe, based on history and tradition, it's pretty clear a lot of new "rights" are in trouble.

    Top of the list - Lawrence (sodomy) and Obergefell (homosexual marriage). I think the next few years are going to undo a lot of Leftist nonsense.

    Well, guess what? Clarence Thomas has stated in his concurring opinion a lot of cases should be reviewed in light of this decision including, here it comes, Lawrence and Obergefell.

    Further, he seems to invite a case to decide “whether our entire Fourteenth Amendment jurisprudence must be preserved or revised.

    This is the embattled farmer who fired the shot heard round the world. A lot of bad Leftist decisions are based on an elastic reading of the 14th Amendment, specifically the equal protection clause (which IMHO is a lousy way to make law; take the whole Amendment or Article, not just a few words). This could be the beginning of the end on most of them.

  2. The last one is killer. ROFL ! Well Done!

  3. Nice little respite from the good (and not so good) news of the day. And I'm liking the pics of the women who are a bit more, mature, shall we say.

    Great post, thanks Irish!

  4. Mr. Douglass forgot one other important box - the rickety soap box that is positioned below the noose on the gallows platform. And editorially, every single problem we face as a species (so globally), has either been created or made worse by government, government power, or government violence. EVERY ONE.

  5. 9 - Looks too loose to be a constrictor of any type.
    11 - Rub a dub dub!
    14 - Getting hot in the kitchen.
    17 - Like Ed would say, "Nice Bouncy".
    25 - OK, now try to take it some where.
    34 - Only person, in politics, more prophetic was Joe McCarthy.
    35 - That is a nice view. I'd like to climb that.
    41 - Love me a Hot Mom. Definitely MILF of the night.
    42 - A Cougar in the wild. Hope I get maimed.
    45 - Floaties are good.
    46 - And still quite proud of her pokies!
    63 - Oooops. Busted! Oh, well. Yeah, I looked and they're nice. Whattayagonnadoaboutit?
    71 - Another Hot Mom. Sweet.
    89 - My statuesque POTN.
    99 - Oh my. For some reason, that looks dangerous to touch. I still want to, though.
    112 - Those are absolutely perfect.
    125 - Allow me. I'm anything, if not helpful.
    135 - Little slip of the lip, there.
    138 - Lying is like breathing to a Demonrat. It just comes natural.
    145 - All putting on a big show for the camera, except for the darlin' on the floor. She is the REAL party girl.
    151 - What a night. MILF's galore!
    152 - So, which are the Pedo and Groomer colors?
    155 - POTN 1st Alternate
    167 - Yup. I'd still hit it; just because I could. I'd lie about how hot she still was. No sense ruining the illusion.

    Pretty heavy on the Mature Lasses tonight. Not that I'm complaining. Far from it. Loved 'em all.

    We are heading out to Syracuse, tomorrow, for the NYS High School Clay Target League Tournament. This will be the Boy child's first one. Be a good experience for him.


    Going to be a hot one though. Calling for temps in the mid 90's

    Have a great weekend, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  6. As usual, almost impossible to pick a favorite but #17 is a world class set of tits.
    Excellent work Irish!

    1. An example of 'sailor fuku', for some odd reason, the school-girl uniform of Japan.
      I say this often:
      * I am pretty sure the entire country is on LSD.

  7. Way....TOO...AWESOME!
    Really needed this.
    Spokane, USA

  8. Irish, me lad, you've done a fine job again! Got some gen-you-ine WIMMEN in there!

  9. Right at the top, If Belushi really swigged a whole bottle of Jack, he'd be puking for days and I'm a Squire. I like the more refined Gentleman Jack, smooth sippin' spirits. I do prefer good scotch above all else.
    13 - 70's vs 90's I can relate. Happens to me a lot lately. I think to myself that happened 30 years ago,
    then I look at the calendar and see that 30 years ago was the 90's while I was thinking it was the
    16 - New gun bill already incorporates unconstitutional wording that has been ruled on by the SJC, i.e.
    Red Flag Laws, among other items. 'Course the Demonrats and RINO's, all over the country, don't
    really give a shit about prior rulings, except when it comes gun laws and abortion. Hopefully, when
    the case comes before the SJ Court, they'll strike the whole thing. In the meantime, Demonrat
    states will continue to ignore SJC rulings.
    22 - 5.56, 9mm, 7.62, whats not to like. Why we ever let Europe define calibers is beyond my ken. It's
    not like they've used them as much as we have in the 75+ years and it's not like they have or ever
    have had armies as large as ours.

    Europeans are so effing stupid, they decided that they had to "go green" with power generation
    because some teen aged truant yelled at them. Instead of giving her a good spanking and telling
    her to go back to school, they shut down their coal and nuke plants then decided to buy AND
    BECOME DEPENDENT ON Russian nat. gas and oil, while lying to themselves that Putin would
    be a good guy because WE'RE DEPENDENT ON HIM TO POWER OUR ECONOMIES and to
    keep the fossil fuels flowing. Dumbest bunch of idiots to ever occupy the halls of government
    Then, they still wonder why Germany overran them twice last century.
    34 - Regan was prophetic, ahead of his time.
    36 - Looks a lot better on her and still wouldn't fit Nadler's huge gut.
    46 - Rachel from friends, still a fox. Here's another 50+ year old that's still a fox:
    62 - Pussies like those shouldn't be wearing badges.
    69 - That's one fit babe
    80 - Demonrats and race baiters, but I repeat myself, have no idea the rage that is simmering just
    below the boiling point in this country. When that switch goes to "On", the summer of 2021 will
    look like a church picnic. BLM et al might burn down cities here and there. White rage burns down
    116 - I'd rather have mean tweets and $1.89 gas. Actually Trumps tweets were mostly factual. He
    used them to tweak Demonrat and MSM noses. They hate that. Never met a more thin skinned
    122 - 15 months in and Depression 2.0 is again on the horizon.
    140 - Rainbow nooses and flying lessons off of tall buildings, thus the religion of piece(sp intentional).

    All in all another smashingly brilliant presentation of bodacious babes, boobs, butts, flashers and red heads along with pointedly critical memes of the Resident @ Penn Ave and Demonrats in general, capping off a week of wins from the SJC.

    DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? Why yes, yes it can. "What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!"

    The left keeps pushing that button, they're going to find out the true meaning of that line from Conan. The SJC let off a little of the steam this week. However, the pot's still boiling and the steam will continue to build pressure until the top blows off the pot. In the mean time be like a duck and ammo up.

    Thanks and have a nice weekend.


  10. Excellent job, as always, sir.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. The change in the face of #3, i like that. #41, I think I met her at a PTA meeting. #59 has great tittie sprinkles.


  12. Another great set!
    Unfortunately, I don't recognize any of the ladies except Lamar and Otterson. Great work with the memes. Thanks for the Friedman. Everyone needs to read more of him and Sowell

  13. 1 Cult classic, knowing him probably the real stuff.
    4 A statie once asked me how I knew my DL # forgot my wallet that day. He let me go saying I was only the second person he's pulled over that new it and did not have a criminal record.
    9 Viper, will swallow you whole.10 Truth. 14 Ariana Del Bosco, her quote, "Mom of 2! I’m good at 70 things: cooking and 69".
    17 Sailor Moon. 20 Roxanne Diamond. 21Dianne Webber 1960.25 Gitter done. 27 That was fast, search pulled you up. 30 The art of Fau Chi.31 Russian red head Siiri.36 Bwahahahahaha. 41 Nice MILF. 43 Nakna Bilder. 47 Mariah looks fun. 49 Lisa Story. 53 Jo Schwab is a lucky man.57Skyla Jay Carpenter very pretty. 62 That was some funny shit. Shitff for brains can't let it go, the ultimate karen.63 Does Laura play pool? 65 One of few with a ring lucky guy, maybe. 67 Laura Di Luca nice. 73 Color photo much better I would trade with either. 76 Mormon but very insightful. 77 Vintage beauty Elizabeth Ostrander. 80 Correia is a great man, I like the switch meme better. 88 Bwahahaha. 89 Julia Pilushka Androshuk smoke show. 91 Julia Yaroshenko worthy of another look every week. 93 Seal Woman. 94 LMAO, my dad joked about pouring milk on the table to feel normal. 105 Lysandre Nadeau naughty girl. 109 Katie Banks. 111 I have a freckle fettish. 112 ilincka. 113 Vintage beauty Heddy Lamar. 121 Jelena Jensen. 125 Amy Reid. 127 AbbyWinters Emelia. 129 Sandra Otterson of Wifey's World. 137 Kebobsoverabs. 141 shinylikeclara. 143 Amateur wife Liz. 145 Great find, saw it right off. Tri Delt sorority sisters university of Texas 1944 sorority bitches that is.155 The lovely pmate Laura Muller. 162 Sad but funny as hell.

  14. Is there something wrong with me that I got more excited about the Mustang than some of the women?????

  15. Have enjoyed this for years without a comment keep on the right path Irish I love it


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