Friday, May 13, 2022

Finally Friday, Femme Fatale Farrago.... The Show Must Go On....







Enjoy the weekend and stay safe out there....


  1. DDDAAAAAAaaaaa m it's hrd to type with my ldddft hand.
    Excellentt j ob Irissh.

  2. Joy to the world, the titties are here.

    1. Oh man, now I've got "Joy to the World" in my head, trying to think of a second verse to "The Titties are here". LMAO!

  3. Nice cushions on 56, my kinda beach on 72, nice looking older lady on 85, nice cooler on 88, nice shrubbery on 94, nice tush on 144.

  4. #165: I don't believe for a second that Gropey Joe got 81 million real votes.

  5. #201. Heh. Took me under 2 minutes. Possibly, the older I get, the easier it is to think like a child? Really like the good-looking older women. Makes me wonder whether I'll ever meet one. :) As always, thanks for a nice presentation. Yeah, rectal foreign objects are always funny. Maybe not for the docs who end up removing them ... ew!

    1. Hate to admit it, but that one's stumping me.

    2. Count the circles. For example, 8 has two; 9, 6, and 0 each has 1.

    3. Yes, preschool children can do it in 5 to 10 minutes because they're told how to do it (Count the closed loops/circles in the numbers"). Give adults no instructions and we're trying to do math

    4. Ah, figured it would be something non-mathematical. Thanks:-).

  6. Excellent collection!
    I like the Buick!
    Thanks for that!

  7. I thought maybe with what's going on with your parents, FFF might be curtailed. Instead, another over the top collage AND you saved the best for last. That lass at 206 flashed her perfect BAB's (big American breasts) and she wasn't the only flasher, THANK YOU. #34 is Honey Bramble, some eastern European babe. 41 Read the Fall of the Roman Empire It's a three volume set. Took me 4 months to get through it, 15 years ago. We're living another iteration right now. 52 Olga De Mar, another eastern European babe. 53 Buckwheat knew, even back then. 56 is Tina Louise according to Googley Images. It doesn't look like her to me though. 95 Past time for Rambo, especially in Rambo II when he told the See Eye Aaa guy "I'm coming for you". 97 Pinata = target. 113 There was a pic out there, probably fake, published during the recent XXX anniversary of the modern discovery of Pompeii, of a guy rubbing out his last one while being buried alive. 152 Those eyes, those lips, those tits. Perfection! 187 Jane Seymour. 191 Flasher teasing at fully disrobing, drat, such a tease.

    The memes are spot on as usual. We gotta keep mocking them. Those overly sensitive woke snowflakes hate that, especially the elite snowflakes that they're aimed at.

    Thanks again for another extraordinary effort to entertain us dirty old men on a Friday evening. Have a great weekend.


    1. ...and stay hydrated!!! ;-)) Nemo

  8. Lots of great pics!
    Thanks from Spokane, USA

  9. Hope your Mom is better real soon!
    Please try to get her OUT of the "hospital" ASAP!
    "Healthcare Professionals" are NEITHER!

    #GardasilVaxKilledJessica ~ 12/1993-12/2013

  10. 3- Well, now. That is a nice way to start the night.
    7 - Wildcat
    8 - Christine? ( I know it isn't a 57 Fury ).
    14 - A 427 Badge on your uniform! Impressive.
    20 - That is comfy looking.
    32 - Easy. Since Demonrats have come to power.
    35 - Again, they don't care. Because nothing will be done about it. The Cabal won't investigate itself.
    38 - Not a tat, piercing or blemish to be seen. Perfect.
    50 - Guy actually lost his arm to a gator, like that:
    52 - I'll be you Pool Boy. Nice floaties.
    60 - Looks like it is time for my check up.
    64 - Do you hear alarm bells?
    66 - They are Pros.
    71 - Not one NRA member has been the cause of a "mass shooting", either.
    76 - That is a Classy Classic.
    83 - Those eyes.
    87 - Hope he ends up owning everything she has.
    100 - Some tender blooms, on a warm Spring afternoon.
    106 - Legs for miles.......
    116 - POTN
    131 - I got something to say. Yeah. It's better to burn out. Yeah, than fade away. Allll right!
    138 - More dangerous curves than a mountain pass in India.
    143 - I love a heavy dew in the morning. Quite refreshing.
    149 - We are closer to you. (If you know the franchise, you've heard this ad)
    150 - POTN Alternate
    153 - They have their priorities. Besides, it doesn't fit the narrative.
    154 - TFI AAPI month spokes girl?
    162 - Gotta love a Farm Girl!.
    174 - He must be getting diesel. I got some in VT for $6.44/gallon, across the border - in town, it was $6.80 .
    186 - Still a proud Pure Blood.
    191 - Is that a "best by / use before" date?
    204 - Holy Dog Shit Batman!
    D3 Cat - 20639 lbs + Ripper - 1222 lbs = 21861 lbs
    Big Tex 70PI Trailer GVWR - 7000 lbs . Weighs - 2030 lbs . Payload - 4970 lbs
    Ticket for being 17091 lbs overweight : $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    On another note - I am seriously impressed by whomever made those tires.
    205 - Happy, happy, happy!

    Well, Boss; It looks like we get one nice day this weekend.
    Hope you get to make the most of it.
    Thanks for this week's FFFF, it had an interesting mix. Always an outstanding effort.

    Whitehall, NY

  11. #84 - Gas is still $4.29 a gallon, so ...
    #112 Mystery - Don't know what she looks like, but I imagine she's wonderful
    #144 Hips don't lie.
    #154 I've seen her before, and I don't mind if she shows up every week. Beautiful.

    Thank you very much.

  12. 1. I bet his Daddy who scared the shit out of many a corporate man with the phrase "I'm with sixty minutes" wishes he could crawl out of the grave and kick his ass.

    2Mari Wotton. 5 Mary Nabakova. 8 Oh my gosh. 10 Welp, gotta go make breakfast now. 20 Maddy Mahmoudi. 26 I will have to replicate that. 31 That's funny as shit. 34 Nisa Kolosova. 38 Johanna Emma Olsson. 44 Our next president, one can hope can't he. 52 Olga Shkabarnya aka Olga De Mar, I wouldn't then but would now. She was here a week ago or so. 53 LMFAO man we are old. 56 Google picked it up already but tells us nothing. 58 Giulia she is Wylde. 60 A good little Japanese nurse. 62 Meagan Guthrie. 66 India Reynolds and Rosie Jones. 74 Katia Martin smoke show.

    Got work to do will finish later.

  13. Abella Anderson #185

  14. Excellent, and I base that on the number of times I almost passed out holding my breathing waiting for the drop.

  15. Thanks for all you do Irish.
    Ohio Guy

  16. Late to the game this week Irish; sorry. A really nice collection; thaks as always. Being from the general area, I recognized #47. That's Ohio Gov Mike Dewine (Dewiner as I call him). He should have been voted out in the primary for his part in the Covid hysteria, but was not. Now I have to root for Ohio to vote in a RINO over a Democrat. Ugh.


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