Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Say Their Names....


 Brenda Aultman and Terry( Vann ) Aultman.


Last night I was scrolling through the webs and came upon a news story that raised my blood

pressure.  It was on my news feed on fecesbook and I forwarded a link to myself. This morning,

here is what greated me when I opened the link. You'll understand more as I go on.


 "That's weird, I know it was there" I thought, then I realized what "they" did.

Ok, let's try searching the web. 


So, the big search engine hasn't stopped the signal.  Did anyone see this story on the MSM?

Did the view discuss it?  Where any neighborhoods burned and looted? 

This happened over two weeks ago.  Granted I don't watch the news and only spend time

perusing the blogs and webz so maybe I missed someone else raising the flag on this.

I do know that if someone says George Floyd, I know who they are talking about. How 

could you not?

 If you chose to read the story you can search like I did. 

I may not know everything but I'm 100% certain of one thing. 

If the races were reversed this story would still be on the news.

 There is a go fund me set up.  

( I wonder if those fuckers will take the donations since it doesn't fit the party agenda)


One last note, use care if you comment. I won't moderate comments that will be an excuse for


Stay safe out there.






  1. as a former grunt, I never really ever let my guard down. and there are a lot of former guys just like me too. we know the world is a fucked up place. and I never go anywhere unarmed. if someone wants to try, it is going to cost them.
    ever since they shut down the nut houses in this country, they running on the streets everyday now. and if you add in the trash coming across the so called border, well I just don't think it is going to get any better any time soon here.
    stay armed, stay aware of what going on around you at all times. remember, a nut job with a blade is worse than one with a gun. the blade clown knows he has to close with you and is ready to do so. the gun clown will try for distance if he can.
    look at most shooting by the brothers, lots of people shot, but not killed. they like to keep their distance as that makes them feel safer. for what it worth.

  2. Irish, you know the storyline. Suspect grew up "disadvantaged", and that is the reason to allow the brutal murders. Try to protest or advance the story, and you will be labeled R and that doesn't mean Republican. We cannot just state the facts anymore unless they fit the news agenda.

    I can say that when it first happened, I heard a short news story on the radio. I can also say that once a suspect was arrested, I had heard nothing. The only reason I knew a suspect was arrested was when I googled after seeing your post.

  3. This has been in the news here in Central Florida but it’s been rather low-key. The perp’s booking photo has been shown but no major fuss has been made. Gee, I wonder why.

    1. I'm with Bobo. I saw it in the local news when it happened a couple of weeks ago. Saw the followup with the booking photo.

      It's almost a joke that you know the demographics of the attacker if they don't talk about it. Just like every time you see a story about racist stuff written on a wall or at some college or something, it's a false flag.

  4. Posted this with a link to the article where they had caught the perp: Egalitarian views will not save you from the hatred that has been inspired for political gain. Watch you back. Keep looking to see how long it lasts.

  5. Be nice to see a Charles Bronson movie, he was great in Death Wish...

    1. Bob especially if it was this charles bronson.


      I just happened to come across this and watched it last night.

      It's whath Jean Robert Macean Jr. deserves.

      50 and 13 always and forever but not for long.

    2. Love the old Bronson movies, problem is now we would need many thousands of Charles Bronsons to take back our country.

      Couldn't make those movies now days.

    3. We have the armament; do we have the will?
      That's the kicker question, isn't it?

  6. Cash Gernon? Cannon Hynant? Emmanuel Aranda? i could go on and on but we all get the picture already

    1. Remember Autumn Pasquale?

    2. The racist Black© racist murderer of Autumn Pasquale defended his racial execution of the blond/blue child while she was on her bicycle:
      * "I didn't kill her for no bike!"

  7. Not here in Colorado...everything local and national is "Ukraine!!", and this would be a distraction from the main distraction. Scumbags.

  8. This is why you get these in your newsfeeds. It's mind control. To get you to think a certain way. Thoughts shape our reality. And no, I rarely venture out unarmed too. Here, check this out. It explains better than I.
    Ohio Guy

  9. Remember the old newspaper saying? "Dog bites man is not a story, but man bites dog? Headlines!"
    Same thing here. Black on white crime is so common it is not newsworthy, it is expected. What is strange is the liberal media is enforcing this idea!

  10. Wait, I'm confused, was the black guy a cop?

  11. FYI - wanted to look it up. There were 53 murders per day last year in the US, my guess is that it doesn't get reported as much anymore because it happens way too often.

    One other thing too, not that George Floyd wouldn't have been reported, but it happened in a state, Minnesota, with one of the lowest murder rates in the country. I'm from Minneapolis, and I can tell you murders get reported here all the time, but I think that's just because it doesn't happen all that often. Minneapolis hit a record last year, which made news big-time around Minneapolis, we even started calling it Muderapolis, but Minneapolis doesn't even crack the top 100, and Minnesota shows up in the bottom 8 states every year for murders per capita. Honestly, I think it's because it's just so fricking cold from Jan-March that no one really leaves the house. Still, when murders aren't an every-day occurance they won't get reported, but in a state where it happens everyday I don't think they bother to report it anymore.

    It's been interesting to look at - New England states, and Midwest state murder rates are the lowest, and Alaska is a surprise with very high murder rate, Illinois not so much, but all the worst states for murders are in the South. Excluding Alaska, and Hawaii (which is low) - it seems the closer you are to Canada, maybe the colder the winter, the lower the murder rate. Missouri is a bit of an outlier, Florida actually isn't horrible, it's right in middle. Interesting stuff.

  12. I blame kneepads, AhOleC, and raggedy ann for this, and I hope the universe eviscerates them for this despicable act brought on by the lying demonrat POS.

  13. Heard about this on The Gateway Pundit
    Come on these things have been happening for a while now, just getting into your awareness?
    Carry or have a good dog.
    Pokey things (foldable sharp stick), bear spray (as opposed to hair spray), batons that retract are at hand in my jalopy.
    Time to spend a little time on sites like Burning Platform, Anonymous Conservative (guy is paranoid but he came up with Hunters Porn Hub link back when it was live), Brandon Smith or Whatfinger News

  14. The suspect is also charged as an illegal.
    According to LawEnforcementOfficials, "They believe this was a random act of violence."
    To you, maybe.
    I am starting to get the impression there might be a pattern...

  15. As this and the St. Floyd of Fentanyl rallys were taking place a co worker with far more melanin than me had an opportunity to have an honest discussion.
    This stuff scares a big part of that community. They can't resist against it overtly, but know that it is breeding a backlash the likes this country hasn't seen (rwanda × s africa).
    And thats whats coming as this persists. I don’t know if it will go quite that far. Just last week in Rottenchester New Yawk there was a hare crime hoax. Someone wrote a verbotten word and all were in a tizzy.... until the cops started investigating and a black girl confessed. Ooops.

    1. If they're more scared of their own kind than they are of us...

  16. You can skim read the headlines on this one for the flavour:


    This one lists (some) of the activity of the melanin enriched angels. It reports on this murder:


    The lack of reporting nationally is without a shadow of doubt deliberate and the black on white cime is way off the charts.

  17. If Finland had 12% of it's population displaced by these cannibals, it wouldn't have the happiest citizens in the world anymore.


  18. Remove urban crime stats from national crime statistics and we have crime rates akin to Norway or Denmark. Fact is if there were no blacks living in our cities, police forces could be drastically reduced. Black on white violent crime is over 7x the reverse with only 3%(black males ~14-35) of the population.

    If you live anywhere where you have more than a very(veryvery) infrequent sighting, you're tempting fate.

    1. Violent crime rates in the US rose 600% between 1900 and 2000, almost all of that rise taking place between 1960 and 1975. Hmm, what are those years known for? What took place in the US domestically during that period? Were certain groups previously excluded by both custom and law from taking part in politics and the judicial system suddenly permitted to do so? Were punishments for heinous crimes drastically reduced? Who could have seen it coming? It's almost as if our great-great-great grandfathers could have told us what would happen.

  19. Well, I just ordered a pocket holster for my M&P40 shield. I am so sick of these sick-in-the-head black people that I could puke. They need to be in mental facilities for their life. And if they commit murder they need to be quickly executed so kiss my ass you liberals.

  20. Blacks killing people is a ho-hum story that surprises no one. Whitey killing a primitive is a big story because it is so rare and it promotes the proper narrative.

  21. Why is anyone still using GoF#ckMe at this point? Just more DinduNuffin antics. Of course the story vanished. Facts are RAYCISSSSSSSSS

  22. Irish, thought you might appreciate this update from the Daytona News Journal, 29Mar2022:
    'Jean R. Macean, 32, was indicted Tuesday on two counts of first-degree premeditated murder in the killings of Terry Aultman, 48, and Brenda Aultman, 55, according to State Attorney R.J. Larizza's office. The Aultmans were stabbed as they rode their bicycles home early on the morning of March 6 after attending Bike Week festivities on Main Street, police said.'
    Unkl Chuck


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