Sunday, December 5, 2021

I Wish Someone Would Show Me The Science That Supports This....



 You could always go hiking like two Biden voters:

Tell us you're a Democrat without telling us you're a Democrat.


  A few points of note.


A friend, who has both shots of Pfizer, has Covid.

Another friend, that works in a large Boston Hospital said it's lies that all the beds are full with Covid

patients. They also said that many of the Dr's that supported this are now speaking out against it,

quietly, but they are seeing it for what it is.


More later.





  1. Is that pic legit with the body tents? What moronics.

  2. My daughter's neighbor is a nurse in a large, local hospital and told her that several wards had been closed due to lack of staff. When the hospital says it is full to capacity, they neglect to tell you that capacity is down by 40%.

    1. 1960s.
      I read the book LYING WITH STATISTICS.
      Since then, I tend to not trust any official figures... nor figureheads.

  3. Too late you lying self serving sacks o shyte!
    You were quite content to sell me and mine down the river without any research... Now that the chickens are coming home to roost, and YOUR neck is on the line, it's all hugs n kisses?
    Fuck you and the horse you rode in on buddy. 2 to the face for you and your wife.

    1. I would venture a guess that this is directed at fraudci?

  4. I believe their "science" is that if you're biking, you're breathing harder. Hence you're spreading more germs and faster. Or some such bullshit.
    Hey, Phil. Unclezip is in Arizona.

  5. If I saw a sign like that, I would go straight home.

    To get a can of gasoline and some rags, and make short work of those signs.

    Trails open!

    You're welcome.

    Start taking your country back.

    And BTW, if I saw the offical @$$hole(s) putting the signs up, you can bet your next paycheck they'd be walking back to HQ, after their official vehicle spontaneously combusted.

    Any agency with time for that kind of happy horseshit has too much budget, too fat a payroll, and not enough real work to do.

    Help your local government make better decisions, one pint of gasoline at a time.

    I'm done biding my time and keeping my head down.


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