Friday, August 13, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago....



Get ready.....



Have a good weekend!!, I'll see my way out.......


  1. Wow Irish, just WOW!
    You need to take Fridays off more often!

  2. Excellent collection!
    I don't think I can afford any of that.
    Nice to see the Return of Kendra Roll, the Brazilian Bombshell, at number 31...

  3. I love it when FFF comes early!

    Whitehall, NY

  4. Well done, carry on! #81...Danni Ashe, always a favorite. #113...Sharon Lee, very tall. Love the blue car interior.
    I raise a glass, 3 fingers Johnny Walker Blue in your honor.

  5. Nice theme. Tits Win!!!! Especially those that come tumbling out of shirts. mmm, Mmmm MMMMMMM Youza

    The political commentary was also spot on. Thanks. I am entertained!!!


  6. Nice everything on 9, who is a very nice-looking mom, and 92, nice bouncy on 13, 25, nice tush on the right half of 88, (I knew this was going to be a long one) 111, 132, 156, 162 (damn, Irish, you're really on a roll this week), nice Mme Bovary on 104 and 109, who is also a very nice-looking mom, nice bra on 216, and 105 shows us yet again why The Good Old Days really were.

  7. OK, since it looks like I was so overcome, I forgot to hit Publish, I guess we have to try again.

    Nice bouncy on 13 and 25, nice everything on 9, who is also a very nice-looking mom, as is 21, and 92, nice tush on the right half of 88 (damn, Irish, you are really on a roll this week), 111, 132, 156, 162, nice Mme Bovary on 104 and 109, who is also a very nice-looking mom, nice hand bra on 216, and many thanks to 105 for reminding us why The Good Old Days really were.

    PS I wonder if 7 looks like that when someone's riding her.

  8. R to L: parking brake, accelerater pedal, brake, clutch, high beams

  9. Ahhhhhhhh.....Thank you, Irish! Fine bevy of babes, food, and cars.

    I'll be in my bunk.....

  10. Number Thirty-Three:
    In high-school in the 1960s, I worked a pastry shop.
    I went in at midnight, left at 7:45am to get to school.
    In all the thousands of glazed raised I made, I never thought to slip in a burger, fried egg, bacon, and thick slice of onion.
    It took Miss Paula Deen to enlighten me.

  11. Beautiful machines, country scenes, funny memes, and four star daydreams. And titties win. Mornin' and thanks Irish. Ohio Guy

  12. Another stellar set to start my weekend!! Thanks Irish!!

  13. Titties, titties, titties and then more titties you can't beat that, Thanks con mucho gusto Irish.

  14. #165, what a beauty! What's her necklace say?

  15. So if I know what all the petals and buttons on the floor of that vehicle are, does that tell you my age group????

  16. My grandfather's Chevy pickup had all those petals, although the far left one is more a button to dim the headlights. Your feet could get pretty busy driving at night.

    1. Must have been a very flowery truck.
      Until 7 years ago, I had a Chevy with all the pedals & buttons except the starter; that was done by a key on the dash, and of course the 3-on-the-tree was where you'd expect it to be, on the non-power-assisted steering column. In modern times, it was its own antitheft device.
      --Tennessee Budd

  17. I must say, I've always been more of a legs and butt man, but this post has really raised some interesting points. Oh, and tan lines. For the love of of God, the tan lines. And the cars. And the food. But seriously, the tan lines...

  18. Hoo boy, another good one!

    Thanks Irish!

  19. fun fact its not the rebel flag the liberals are mad about, what they call the rebel flag is actually a battle standard.

  20. Thank you,thank you,thank you!!! Your Friday collections are always terrific, but this one stood out for me. I think #81 actually spoke to me,loved the revolver in #180 and the photo of my favorite series of Chevy pick em up trucks on #218 sure rocked my world. Have a great sir,you certainly deserve it!


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