Friday, July 30, 2021

This Video From Last Year Aged Oh. So. Well......


 I remember seeing this when it first made the rounds.. listen to his predictions from last year.







  1. So, the altruistic ruling class wants to support the lower classes. Cool!
    Waitaminnit. The lower classes perform all the labor that produces everything. If the workers are all out of work and sitting at home being non-productive, where does the ruling class get the resources to support the peons?

  2. Nailed it, from a year ago. Nemo

  3. and uneducated labors flooding across the border to fill the unskilled jobs that citizens are being given welfare to not do.... the creation of a serf class... the royalty in the castle keep, the dukes,barons, princes, the middle class reduced to trade guilds... think we'll still have a 2022 midterm election? .... ha ha ha ha

  4. We WILL have mid-terms, but it'll be bloody. Before AND after.

  5. I was thinking about this very same video just the other day.

  6. I've been seeing this everywhere. And everywhere I see it, I call total BS. This guy has no more insight into what's happening than anyone else who can read.

    This has been all planned and written for all to read back in 2010... so all this "psychic" had to do was to READ the RockefellerFdn report:



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