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Monday, May 3, 2021

Mornin'! Vote Audit Shananigans in Windham NH and 21 Metric Tons of Chinese Junk...


  Taking Friday off and two weekend days away from the webz is rather nice. Now, I'm not saying I 

didn't lurk, I just had a busy schedule doing "me" things and getting stuff done.  This year we have

had an actual Spring here in New England. Cool nights and warming days. Sun, clouds, rain, breezy not 

winter into humidity as it seems we have had in the past.  A few things of note:


Why would the democrats be sooooo adamant about stopping any vote audits??  I'll wait....


Here in New Hampshire the town of Windham is going through a recount audit after noted anomalies and 

now there is concern regarding one of the auditors.

Heads up over in Windham!!  Link<<   Link <<   Link<<

URGENT MESSAGE From American Patriots to People of Windham: Your Forensic Audit in Windham is being Secretly Sabotaged 

The Gateway Pundit broke a story about Mark Lindeman a few hours ago.  It contains a lot of information and links for people to do their own research regarding the Political Scientist the Windham Board of Selectmen have chosen to perform their forensic audit on their voting machines that he has zero experience how to perform.  A normal person would expect the Selectmen to choose an experienced forensic auditor instead of a Political Scientist to perform a forensic audit… but what could go wrong?


 Chinese Junk......  LINK<<

Long March 5B core stage likely to reenter the Earth's atmosphere in the coming days.

HELSINKI — China launched the first module for its space station into orbit late Wednesday, but the mission launcher also reached orbit and is slowly and unpredictably heading back to Earth.

The Long March 5B, a variant of China’s largest rocket, successfully launched the 22.5-metric-ton Tianhe module from Wenchang Thursday local time. Tianhe separated from the core stage of the launcher after 492 seconds of flight, directly entering its planned initial orbit. 

Designed specifically to launch space station modules into low Earth orbit, the Long March 5B uniquely uses a core stage and four side boosters to place its payload directly into low Earth orbit. 

However this core stage is now also in orbit and is likely to make an uncontrolled reentry over the next days or week as growing interaction with the atmosphere drags it to Earth. If so, it will be one of the largest instances of uncontrolled reentry of a spacecraft and could potentially land on an inhabited area.

  Is this going to be "Andromeda Strain" part 2?  Somehow the rocket picked up space bacteria from one of the UFOs that currently seem to be in the news?Inquiring minds want to know.

Irish removes his tin foil hat and heads to work.  Stay safe. It's fucked up out there.


  1. The rocket will likely land in China. Where there will be a team of gov scientists ready to study the wreckage. Within weeks the state media will begin reporting accounts of workers being cured of the WuFlu. Within a few more weeks China will announce that said space fungus is a cure for the Kung Flu and will be selling the doses on Amazon.

  2. Tried posting your piece on Windham to FB. It said FI is a prohibited URL...goes against "community standards." Hmm.

  3. Wait, who on earth expected a Bureaucratic entity to hire anyone competent let alone one who might uphold rule of law and objectively audit votes. (Hey lib wack-jobs, the only way to get pro-Trumpers to shut up is to do recounts without obvious shenanigans in order to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that mumbles the sniffer really did win.)

  4. Fascinating physiognomies at Verified Voting and at Election Verification Network. But don't trust me, go look for yourself. Be sure to check out the VV Board of Advisors (list of names only, no photos) too.



  5. Replies
    1. they purchased the voting machines in Windham back around 1994. they may have been leasing them prior to that. so I'd say 1994 would be a good place to start if we still had the evidence/ballots. it's probably long gone though.


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