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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Skeletons of WW2 Era Nuns Tortured and Killed By Russian Soldiers Recovered: (Another By-Gone Episode Of Communism In Action: Some Fools Never Learn)

 Poland's Institute of National Remembrance previously discovered three of the murdered nuns in Olsztyn.

Read the article HERE.

Below is a comment from the same story I read on FOX News. It puts things in the proper light.

Seeing what was coming, my grandfather fled Poland in the 1930's and came to America. As I read this article, I am weeping as I think of what those who could not flee went thru. 'Tragic' doesn't cover it. But there's perhaps an even more important reminder here. In 1917, the Communists came to power in Russia. Their appeal to the people was based on 1) Resentment of the rich 2) Promises to provide for the needs of the masses, and 3) Elimination of the influence of God/Christianity in society. Sound familiar? It is horrifying to me that Socialism has been embraced by so many in this country. Bernie was almost the Democratic nominee for President, twice. His appeal to the people is IDENTICAL to the 3 positions noted above. Please wake up, America. Socialism always results in oppression, suppression of free thought, poverty, murder, and loss of freedom. All in exchange for empty promises. NOT a good deal!"


  1. The one difference is that we Americans are armed, and most are unwilling to give up their guns. It is one thing for the Germans to take over the Warsaw ghetto with resistance from only a few with rifles. It is another for an army to take over when they are getting shot and killed by every Tom Disk and Harry.

    1. The article references the fact that these murderers were Russian communists, not German. Hybo

    2. You're wrong. Look at New Orleans and aftermath of hurricane Katrina. The city government went around collecting guns from people (who willingly gave them up) to some sort of violence from starting. No one fought the gun takers.

    3. Tis you Gregory who be wrong. Some turned over their guns, but not all. Its was an isolated event that did not effect the rest of country. This day and age is COMPLETLY different. There are TOO MANY signs as to what is really going on. 75 million Trump voters = 150 army groups. The US military if they did break their oath and turn on the citizenry are at best 1 full strength army group, only 1.3 million with all four branches combined. Do the math.

  2. One big Big BIG problem in this country is the corruption of teaching in schools at all levels. Remember the Weather Underground bombers from the 70's? They're ALL tenured professors at some of the most prestigious universities in these United States and it's not just them. Most tenured professors at most colleges and universities are far left wing loons that FAIL THE STUDENTS that disagree with the societal philosophies they teach, not to mention that teaching aides and nontenured professors that don't subscribe to far left wing loon philosophies are drummed out of the profession.

    There's a chapter in "Victoria" that gives an example of how to deal with these people.



  3. apolishamerican,,,,you had better copywrite that list. The democrates are going to use that as their party platform.

  4. It's fitting that Poland--not the US of A--is now the true beacon of freedom in the world.

  5. "Russians" lmao. Name them. Say who it really was. "Eliminated Christianity" is a big hint.

  6. War...
    ...a Wild Rabid Animal, no matter how clean people try and make it. It Just is.


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