Friday, March 26, 2021

Interesting Commentary.... Some Thoughts and Ideas on Fighting Back...

  One of Irish's rules of interneting is to scroll the comment sections of posts I find interesting.

That's how I came upon this video below.  Phil had posted a article from Breitbart regarding

DEE AACH ESS scouring the internets for dissident Citizens  HERE<<<.

In the comment section over at THE LAST REFUGE posting someone linked this video:

I found her videos to be worth a listen if only for the reason that most of what is conveyed is

how many of us see what is going on. (p.s.  I'm sure some of you will fall in love as well )

As always >>  FWIW  YMMV 





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If you watched it, I found the link to the "asian tech guy" she mentioned"

and, here is a link to the "WIRE" app mentioned.  I'm sure it will need to be researched for veracity.



  1. Add to Good Patriot's "Shield" recommendations a return to the family structure and traditions of the 40s and 50s, and the defense and assistance of others who maintain those traditions. Some characteristics:
    -- Breadwinner / homemaker division of labor;
    -- Mom as principal connection to the community and the family's participation in it;
    -- Clear behavioral standards for the kids, including chores and allowances;
    -- Family meals (no outsiders nor "devices" allowed);
    -- Family holiday celebrations, especially Christmas and Easter.

    There has never been a stable society that lacked strong families -- and family strength, like bodily strength, must be cultivated through diligent exercise. I'll be writing more about this later today.

  2. A cutey and smart. Deadly combination. Nemo

  3. Good lord. I wanna kill people every time I hear it. So many bubble heads think that when the commies come, they’ll just move out into the country and live off the land...

    FFS. Crack a bloody history book!!! The commies deliberately starved rural farmers by the MILLIONS. Tens of millions in China alone. It’s like these morons think that commies only live in cities.

    Here is how it works: when these guys get rolling, they go EVERYWHERE. Men with guns will show up on your farm and tell you what to plant and when. You will be given a quota to fill and if you fail to meet it they will shoot you. That’s the good option. If they decide you are too much trouble they will scorch and salt the earth and you and your family will starve.

    I love the lady’s message... but I do not see any peaceful way out of what’s coming.

  4. Good stuff and attractive packaging too.
    BTW, thanks for the link love buddy.

  5. "Fighting back" against the commies destroying our freedom merely irritates them. It does NOTHING to stop them in their quest to impose their agenda on us. You don't "fight back" against communism. You KILL THE COMMUNISTS. That is the only way to stop what they do. That's it....nothing else works. Communism is a creed, like islam, that
    WILL NOT coexist with any other ideology and it's adherents MUST either enslave or eradicate all who don't agree with them. It's US OR THEM. There can be no other way. That is THEIR RULES.


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