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Thursday, November 5, 2020











  1. I'm going to confess here.....when that shy-lock oblama said he was going to fundamentally change AMERICA.....I was naive and didn't comprehend what he meant. I was still under the impression that ALL AMERICANS considered this country as "the light on the hill".
    BOY HOWDY.....has that come around to kick me into reality. Now that the scales have been wiped off my eyes; I can see the wholesale corruption in the voting this year. BUT, I'm going to tell ya; the rest of the country will fight you tooth and nail against whatever TRUTH y'all try to tell them. Because they still WANT to believe that this country is great. Well, it is, but, it just took the steep drop on a roller coaster. And there's no guide rails or seat belts for us to buckle up with.

  2. Here's what I don't get. NH voted for Trump in 2016. NH has the same Governor, re-elected in 2020, who drug along the flipping of the state's House, Senate and Executive Council back to GOP control. Yet, the voters completely flipped and elected Biden for President in 2020.

    How is it that with a complete victory for the GOP at the state level, do the voters elect Demonrats to represent us at the federal level for Senate, Cong. District 2 and President?

    Does that scan? At all?

    1. It scans as complete and utter voter fraud.

  3. Whatever you do, kid, don't swallow. Spit it out.

  4. Your post yesterday was incredibly accurate... therefore todays needs underscored. Any spoon feed they propose is hazardous and needs to be sent to a doj that functions as it should and prosecutes commie sedition.

  5. I suppose the actual medicine being 'administered' would be a suppository but the censors probably wouldn't allow it.................
    Oh and the victim would likely be tied to a table.

  6. I have been sort of on the down low, but I have been watching and researching. And I ran across an article, on of all places, Yahoo.com. I use them for my email, so it popped up when I was checking my email today. An article about a Rutgers professor, who thinks that Trump is going to possibly/probably end up being reelected.
    First, there are several states that have been called for Joe Biden, with a less than 1% difference in the vote tally. That gives Trump a reason to request a recount, which could very well turn the election just on that alone.
    But wait, there's more. Trump has also appealed to the court system about wanting to disqualify any ballot received after November 3rd, as being illegitimate. Ordinarily, you might think that it is an unlikely chance that he would prevail on any of those requests. But, But, the Supreme Court has 4 members who voted in favor of George W. Bush last time, giving him a presidency over Al Gore, via hanging chads. Now, the Supreme Court has one more ace in the hole, named Justice Amy Barrett. I know that Michigan, my state, brought a bunch of ballots from Detroit and the area around it, in late,and almost all of them went to the Democrat party. If it was anything like that in other states,the suggestion is that the SCOTUS could very well toss out any ballot that was received after election day. If they indeed do that, there is no doubt that Trump would win reelection. Of course, the country would burn, but with the other option, that might be the lesser of two evils.


  7. The left definitely will be giving us any medicine rectally and not orally. They have been playing cornhole with us for years.
    And since when did the term cornhole become a fun game that is played on television? I have always attempted to avoid anything to do with getting cornholed.


  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who believes that Harris is the candidate and Biden is simply the vehicle... :) Peace, Brother.


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