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Friday, October 2, 2020

Friday Femme Fatale....






 Let's get prepped and jump right in!!!





 How's that, good?







Okay, okay....


You done?


Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. What a glorious tush to start things off.

    And 12 is going to be half the housewives in the country before long.

    MI struck down the Ubersturmbannfuhrer's lockdown.

    1. This was the best post of all your FFF. And it is only made better by Edutcher's letting me know that at least here in Michigan, someone with a full brain stopped the Empress of Lansing, the evil Gretchen Whitless, from her reign of terror.
      I have no problem with our legislature and the governor working together to solve the crisis that we once faced. But the Democrats keep shouting "Science", then ignoring what many of the well informed scientists are saying. I am not saying that we need to just throw open the state,and let 'er rip. But at the very least, give the people back their civil rights. And the Republicans seem to be saying the same thing. They don't want to just stop all of the safety regs. that are in place, they just want to have their say in things also. We have 3 branches of government for a reason, not a Queen to rule over us.

    2. "they just want to have their say in things also" - newsflash...the republicans don't care about your civil rights, freedoms, liberties, self-ownership, or anything else, any more than the democrats do. Just look at the comments from some of the republican legislators following the announcement. They still want tyranny. They just want the tyranny to come from the legislative branch rather than the executive branch. When the boot in on your neck, it doesn't matter if its the left one or the right one, the executive one or the legislative one. The government is NOT your friend, and neither major party really cares about freedom, liberty, or the limits imposed on the government by the constitution or natural law.

  2. Irish, Once again you have raised the bar. That first redhead, next after the picture of the woman with the AR, is startling in the contrast of the pale pale pale skin with the black zippered top and the nice pink nippled boobs. OUTSTANDING! Once again, TY, TY, TY. Have a great weekend.


  3. Outstanding show as always. Thank you sir.

  4. Thank you, sir. Always, for all these many years, you lift us up with beauty and truth. And fun, too.

    Nous Defions

  5. How many of these beauties have COVID??

    WHO CARES - invite 'em all over for dinner.

  6. Thanks, Irish! I needed something to cheer me up on a gloomy day.

    Ohhhhhh....the freckles.....!

  7. The brisket looks delicious, as do the babes.

  8. Nice image in the banner. Every thing else on this post looks well-built also.

    'The Fife cantilever', c 1880s.

    Photograph of the construction of the Forth Railway Bridge in Scotland. Undoubtedly Britain's most famous railway landmark, The Forth Bridge was opened by HRH The Prince of Wales in March 1890 following eight years of building, and completed the east coast railway route between London and Aberdeen. It spans the Firth of Forth, joining the city of Edinburgh and Fife in Scotland. The bridge was designed by Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker, and built by engineer Sir William Arrol. It contains almost 54,000 tons of steel and when completed, the 1.5 mile long bridge was the biggest in the world. It is the world’s oldest cantilever railway bridge and remains in use to this day.

  9. Another great start to a Saturday morning. Thanks Irish.

  10. Thanks Sir. Don't change a thing.

  11. Stats:
    2617 files
    1,310,044,160 bytes
    In the folder where I keep these as a slideshow library.
    And, I have not kept all of them. That's just my selections
    (I have become lazy over time I guess)...
    I keep the memes separate, those are not in the count above.

    Sometimes I just turn the computer on and watch the slideshow. The images are set to change every minute, so that gives me 43.6 hours of non-repeating hotties.

    Thank you guys, I am grateful for your fine taste.

  12. Good lord, these keep getting better and better.

  13. Nudity at the beach and in violation of the law...my kinda woman


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