Friday, November 15, 2019

When The Woods Are Still and The Only Sound You Hear Is That Of Your Steps....


  1. Irish,
    I am not hunting deer much anymore. In fact, whitetail season started today here in Michigan. But this picture reminds me of a day when I went hunting and the weather was just like this. It was on my ex father in law's land, the path was just about the exact same thing, minus the walkway, just a two track. I actually saw a couple deer that day. I used to be about the kill when I was a young man, especially when I was young and raising a young family.
    It was later, as I was earning more money, and didn't need the meat as much to help feed my family, I became much more able to just appreciate the experience of the time spent in the woods, in the beauty and the quiet, other than nature.
    Of course, now after 35 plus years in a foundry, with the noise, my hearing is very rotten, with tinnitus ringing at several pitches in both ears. So I never am able to enjoy quiet. But I can still enjoy nature, and the gift of the animals, insects, the wind, the sun, and yes, even the rain and fog, that God has given to humankind. I won't be hunting this year, with a wife who just had shoulder surgery, and a daughter who just at the age of 23 had an eye removed. I have to be around to help both of them. But I still love your posts, from the beautiful women, to the nature pictures that you find. Have a great weekend, and thank you for this post that stirred memories of my youth.

  2. Then something snorts behind you.


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