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Friday, November 8, 2019

It Is a fact.

H/T to Steve  in Knoxville


  1. But the ride is always worth it.

  2. When I was in high school, I was what many people refer to as an over achiever. My grades were good, my character was good, to the point where the teachers and administration all liked me, I was voted the senior athlete of the year my senior year of high school, by the teachers and administration, the only time it had been unanimous.
    I was an all American musician, and had several options to attend college, playing football for them, with one a complete full ride, the first year.
    What did I choose? That's right, I fell in love, got my girlfriend pregnant, and got married, and got a job in a steel melt shop, where I spent the next 35 plus years doing basically physical labor. My high school sweetheart, we had 3 kids together, and 5 months after the birth of our last child, she asked me to move out, divorcing me in the end.
    But life is also good, I found a band that needed a musician who could play saxophone, and I ended up joining up with them for a few years, playing some guitar and several saxophones. Then, I met another woman, who I eventually fell in love with, and married her, and moved too far away to keep playing music with the same band. I did do some session work, but found that it was not for me.
    Fortunately, I marred a woman the second time who understood that soulmates are not just there, but you have to work to become each others soul mate. Now, after 27 years, we have gone through enough to say that we have definitely become soulmates. We adopted 2 sisters back in around 1998, and it has worked out just fine for us.
    But like any other male, tits have made me do some strange things, and luckily this time, it worked out to my advantage. If only when I was younger, I had known better. But you have to learn some things by yourself, no one can tell you strongly enough to make you understand as well as when you are forced to experience it for yourself.
    Of course, if something were to happen to my wife, even at my age of 59, I would still mess up. There is just something about a woman's body that does it for me. The only other thing that would grab me would be if she was a red head. I have learned to appreciate red heads even more, the older I get.

  3. Proof that tits have got you in their spell is that you misspoke. Men haven't been enticed to do stupid things since the beginning of time by tits. Men have been enticed to do stupid things since the beginning of tits. You're welcome.

  4. Yea well, you should have seen them

  5. Warm and snuggly, bouncy and soft, friendly and cute, playful, kissable, hot and nasty, pointy and happy, round and curvy, squeezable --- and there are two of them!


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