Monday, September 9, 2019

Dornier Do. 335 Germany's Steel Arrow


There are a lot of "what if's" when it comes to the German War Machine in the years between 1939-45. This is a short film about a plane that could have changed the outcome of the war had it been produced in numbers earlier.



  1. They dropped the ball with the Me-262, too. Hitler wanted fighter-bombers to bomb Britain with, when he really needed FIGHTERS to staunch the Allied bomber attacks.

    Good for us, bad for them.....

  2. They really dropped the ball by pulling back on research after the fall of France. Lots of next-gen projects got postponed until too late.

    Luft'46 is an excellent website to play around on. They (the Nazis) really had some seriously innovative and powerful stuff they just never got around to fielding. http://www.luft46.com/ I will sit back and chuckle evilly as you lose hours of time... Muhahahahahaha!

  3. Another good example was Hitler's order early in the war to stop development of the select fire assault rifle (MP43, MP44, and eventually designated the Stg 44) in favor of keeping the k98 bolt action rifle. There were so many "what if's".

  4. The late model Thunderbolt had a top speed of 470 mph at altitude.

  5. It's a big sucker, and apparently had one helluva roll rate! :-)

  6. Yet one more example of why I'm firmly convinced that Hitler was one of our best Allies during WW2. Most people don't realize exactly HOW EFFING CLOSE the Allies came to losing that war, on several different occasions. If Hitler had made one decision differently (hold off Barbarossa until Britain was subdued....supply Rommel....listen to his generals on the spot....bypass Stalingrad....let his R&D guys loose and listen to their recommendations....), Europe, at the very least, would be speaking German today, and America/Canada would have armed borders.

    1. Also, if they'd waited to unleash the U-boat fleet until the number of operable boats was at 300 where Donitz thought they should be. At the war's outset Germany only had 57 Unterseeboots and less than half of those were capable of reaching the Atlantic from their bases. Still, look at the havoc they wrought. Of course, new boats were coming on line till the end of he war. Had they waited England would have been strangled by the blockade and I'd imagine hardly any of the lend lease war materials (tanks, trucks, jeeps, artillery, ammo, small arms, etc.) headed to Russia would have arrived.


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