Thursday, August 8, 2019

Crazy Sonsofbitches

This video is funny and at the same time sad. Everything from the way the first speaker is dressed (like the commie leader at the black panther party in the film Forrest Gump), to the "always have your papers", no noise, no clapping, no offensive odors, no gender designations, the way they request to speak, and then one of the speakers addressing one of the members as COMRADE. There is no way a society as envisioned by these people could exist without all of the current .gov safety nets already in place. These people were exactly what Lenin was referring to when he coined the phrase "useful idiots". 

Via Chief Nosewetter at It Ain't Holy Water


  1. Hi all, Rickvid, xherpok/waouftr, could we PULEEEEZE refrain from all the laughing, snorting, coffee/beer/whiskey spewing, incredulously dropping jaws, silent spasmatic chortling I just KNOW is going on out there? You are just trying to trigger snowflakes and it's not nice! It upsets me that you all like upsetting snow.... Wait.

    WAIT! If I am upset, maybe I am a snowflake ! Ahhhrrrgggh! Must. Save. Myself! Where is my BSB? Maybe SI swimsuit edition! OH,THANK THE LORD, the SEAHAWKS are on tonight! Gonna watch it. I may just survive my own snowflake apocalypse.

    So, never mind. Carry on.

  2. Point of Privilege! Look at me! Point of Privilege!All of you [insert non-specific gender identifier here] are causing me to LITERALLY SHAKE with RAGE(tm) over the treatment I'm not receiving from the rest of you [insert non-specific gender identifier here]!!!

  3. What I'd like to know is what are these people who are so terrible offended by "gendered terms" going to do about all those Latin based and other languages that have gendered forms built into their noun forms.
    Are Spanish, Italian, French etc. now all to be condemned as sexist and or homophobic? That these people were never taught how to think is glaringly apparent.


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