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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Suicide, you say??

 Or, maybe they faked his death to get him out of there.  From what we are seeing and hearing, there are very powerful people involved in this and they will stop at nothing.


  1. He could have easily been smuggled out as "barely conscious and breathing". Also, the first suicide attempt could have been part of the grand scheme. It is entirely possible when who all is involved and the amount of money possessed is taken into consideration.

  2. There's no way he'd have been left unnattended. It's entirely possible the "medics" took him out of the cell "unresponsive" and now he's on his way to some island somewhere.

  3. I have been pasting this earlier comment of mine all morning.

    "Perhaps he was spirited away to GITMO in the dark of night. It would take a lot less time and trouble to convince folks that he was Arkancided. Death by Suicide, in this particular scenario, would be the easiest excuse for his sudden absence. Give the people what they want to see. They will believe it."

    It is GREAT to finally see some like minded comments. Thank you!

  4. Don't worry! The FBI is investigating! Which means it will be sealed until about 2050.

  5. Or perhaps not ...

    The British Police long ago realised that ear prints are as unique as finger prints and they regularly check for ear prints on the windows of houses that have been burgled where the criminals have listened to make sure the room is empty before breaking and entering.

    Now, check this blog post and check the pictures of the ears of the "body" compared to Epsteins:


    Either he is somewhere else, out of the public eye and being interviewed or someone else is being buried as Epstein and he's as free as a bird under something similar to the witness protection scheme and will live his life out anonymously.

    Phil B

  6. I'd like to think he's alive and one day spills the beans on what went on. But it's way more easy, and far more certain to keep him quiet by killing him.
    He's dead. And anyone else involved will be soon.

  7. The problem with the idea of someone spiriting Jeffrey safely away to some secret location is simple.

    The people and organizations we are talking about have the resources and the expertise to pull something like this off...THAT is not the problem.

    The problem is considering the risk that a live Jeffrey presents to a lot of very important people excludes the possibility of them making sure he is capable of testifying at any time in the future.

    To put it simply, there is simply no good reason for these people to want a live and possibly inconvenient Jeffrey as opposed to a Jeffrey that can never be inconvenient again. The people we are talking about are not known for leaving loose ends lying around. Consider this, what could a live Jeffrey possibly offer these people that would be worth more to them than dead Jeffrey?

    I have no doubt that Jeffrey had a lot of help with his suicide, whether the Clinton Crime Family was involved, I don't know. Maybe one or more of the cogs that ran the machine that produced a dead Jeffrey will be caught and turn on whom ever made this happen. One thing is for sure, there had to be several people involved in this operation and many of those are in easily identifiable positions (guards, technicians on the surveillance camera's, whom ever stopped the official suicide watch, etc etc etc), with this many possible points of failure, capture, and/or leaks it is possible that the perps can be found and brought to justice.

    Even while that investigation goes forward, the current investigation of the treasure trove of Epstein's documents, video's and pictures that have been ceased during the raid of his NY Home MUST be protected from what the Clinton's like to do to evidence.

    ALL of the people that were involved with the evil actions of Jeffrey MUST be exposed, charged, Prosecuted and Punished! Be they Republican, Demoncrat, Hollyweird Star, Business leader, or international figure...ALL of those responsible MUST be exposed and Prosecuted!

    MSG Grumpy

  8. I wonder how many car wrecks and, robberies gone wrong, a la Seth Rich, and other convenient deaths will we be seeing soon. There are probably a few loose ends inside the prison. If they're waiting on a big payday, they may not get exactly what they want.
    I agree that a dead Epstein is the only desirable Epstein, for the rich and powerful who he has dirt on, but the nose and ear don't work..
    I really can't imagine Trump being so naive as to believe that Epstein would survive to testify without Trump getting involved. He should have been in contact with the prison and letting the warden know how bad it would be for him if he didn't keep Epstein alive.
    You don't suppose he's being kept somewhere safe, death faked, to be resurrected to the horror of the people who have been above all law, do you?
    Tell me that wouldn't be a Yuuge giggle..

  9. Aaaaaaaaaand today I get a headline about some illegal immigrant shooting up a car on a Texas freeway and killing three people before fleeing. Epstein and his Clinton ties were in the news yesterday, so be prepared for a bunch of shootings/bombings to crowd out the headlines again and push "gun" control to the forefront of the public's (very) short-term memory.

  10. Blagojevich is next...….


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