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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

An Interesting Twitter Page On Epstein's Island...

 Check out the drone footage from Inforwars ( ya I know it's Alex Jones but this is interesting)

Link HERE<<

after some searching and following links I ended up here:

LINK <<< to twitter page

scroll through and check out a bunch of the tweets and the links they go to.

Good luck in the rabbit hole.


  1. The thing that many are saying is, "Why did they wait until he was dead to search his island?"

  2. Worse than that Woodsterman, they sat back and watched him burn all of the tunnels underneath it and then pend 29 million dollar filling them in.
    I have been down many of these rabbit holes already. One thing that most people don't know is that someone who was participating in all of the sickness going on down in those tunnels there took a cell phone in and took some pictures. The government has those pictures.
    There is most certainly some fuckery going on in regards to the investigation and prosecution of all of this. Why did they wait so long to arrest the guy in the first place?
    They had him dead to rights for years.

  3. FBI carrying items over the burn barrel per Queen Killary?

  4. We were there first. That's why the computer is missing. Having said that we need some red meat. Perp walk some ass hole already.

  5. Search Warrant or a sweep and clear OP (tidying up)???

  6. this video is fake / doctored. very obvious but clearly dedicated people fabricating it


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