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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Mountain Man Hugh Glass Was Even More Badass Than Portrayed In The 2015 Movie "The Revenant"

Most of my life I have read stories of "mountain men", adventurers, explorers, gunfighters, soldiers, Indians, and other real life characters who did some pretty incredible things in our nations history. One very notable "mountain man" figure was a man named Hugh Glass and for those not familiar with his story, it is nothing short of amazing. 


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  1. If this is what I think it is, it was made into a movie called Man In The Wilderness starring
    Richard Harris. It is rare and from time to time, I look for a reasonably priced copy on DVD.

    PS If you really want to read a story about a badass mountain man, consider the true story
    of Liver Eating Johnson, depicted in the movie Jeremiah Johnson. Sorry, the Blog Baddass of the
    Week is no longer active. Liver Eating Johnson was a hard as nails hunter and trapper. Some
    Crow Indians killed his pregnant Flatfoot wife and he went on a wild 10 year killing spree,
    that resulted in one-on-on combat that left 300-600 dead Crow warriors.

    He was known for cutting out the livers of his victims but many historians dismiss the idea that
    he ate them. The Crow believed the liver was the soul of a man so he probably just tossed them
    some place for the coyotes to eat. After the Crow Chief reached a truce with him, Johnson
    became a town Marshall in Montana and died in a veterans home in Santa Monica CA.



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