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Friday, July 19, 2019

Corruption of Politics and The Media.... How we got Omar

Three years ago, most American newsrooms picked Ilhan Omar -- despite her crawling Jew-hatred and evidence of an extensive criminal past -- to be the transcendent face America needed to fight bigotry and federal corruption. Reporters apparently chose to lie about Omar to help birth a more trusting country.

Perfectly irrational idiocy. Legacy newsmedia, decayed, perhaps brought itself final ruin by getting exactly what it wanted.

The first Somali-born woman and the first female Muslim to be elected to a U.S. statehouse, Ilhan Omar defeated 44-year incumbent Phyllis Kahn in the Democrat-Farmer-Labor primary for Minnesota House District 60B in 2016. A former child refugee from civil war, Omar was perceived as a best-case image for shepherding progressive causes against President Trump. Ilhan Omar’s individual character, however, was openly trending towards worst-case.

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  1. It's ALL about votes.

    Liberals don't care about squat - nor honor, decency, ethics, morality, the Constitution, nor love of America. And they'll ally with ANYONE who helps them get power.


  2. Whoa, that is a pretty extensive trail of evidence. THANK YOU!! Now that the FBI has been neutered, the Left is on their eternal contentious warpath. WHO will investigate this to the end? WHAT will happen to ANY of it? WHEN will ANTHING be done about this? WHY isn't this spread far and wide? HOW can I HELP get this information out to more people. Your Serious and Informative Posts are AWESOME. IMHO, you should do more of them. Thanks, G.W. Long

  3. Agree with NITZ. And yes, there is a long history there that was totally ignored in the 'rush' to get her elected... If that had been a republican, every instance would have been page 1 above the fold...

  4. One of my Christian friends very accurately states, "I used to say Liberals were good people with bad ideas. I now know they are bad people with ideas."

  5. We got omar because the average American voter is dumber than a bucket of shit. By design. They only want you intelligent enough to pull whatever lever they tell you to pull.


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