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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Would Anyone Take Al Sharpton Seriously If Not For The Race Baiting Commie MSM Beating The Drums Of Divisiveness?

                                                                                    Hooray For The Confederate Flags!

                                                                         Image result for image of confederate battle flags 1863

I saw this piece over at Free North Carolina and thought it very interesting. Even if someone could care less about Confederate flags or "real" American history this story serves as another example of how liberals are so used to getting their way by whining and playing the "race card". I thought the writer over at the Abbeville Institute did a fine job of making a case that clearly illustrates the media's complicity in providing idiots like Al Sharpton a launching pad from which to catapult their revisionist history, divide the races, and ultimately work to erase the history and traditions of these United States. Read the story HERE.

While searching I came across this Waylon Jennings edition of Rebel Soldier and couldn't resist putting it up too. 


  1. Is that a display of confederate battle flags or just a picture if it is a display where can I get one.

  2. Make no mistake, they will be coming for Old Glory soon enough. The Stars and Stripes flew over slavery a lot longer than any Confederate banner. Besides, the coastal elite would like nothing better than sticking their thumb in the eye of the flyover country rubes, and taking their flag would be good start...

    1. Absolutely.http://www.namsouth.com/viewtopic.php?t=287&highlight=stars+stripes

    2. That is a great post and thanks Brock.

    3. Theo Spark posted this:


  3. I found it in a quick Google search Sabre22. It looks like a poster. If you find out where they are available, please post. I'd like to have one myself. I would wager that the crazy "raciss" Al Sharpton doesn't know the Hardee Flag from the Union Jack! In a world without the MSM and welfare, he'd probably have starved a long time ago.


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