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Thursday, May 23, 2019

According to some experts, many young people are blaming one of the greatest hoaxes known to man called "climate change" for their lack of savings

Throw them a crying towel. In the latest display of mental derangement, some young people are blaming climate change for their small 401k balances. Many young people think civilization may not exist by the time they reach retirement age. 

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  1. Climate change a burden to our children? No.
    Our own monstrous debt a burden to our children? Yes.

    1. Weather has been with Earth since there was an Earth. There have been vicious cycles from time to time. We know this because of fossil evidence. Some of these cycles have been hot/warm and some cold/cool. The English have kept meteorological records dealing mainly with England for approximately 500 years. Records in North America have been kept less than 150 years on a regular basis. No one really knows what the baseline for normal weather is. As Mark Twain once said, "everybody talks about the weather, but nobody can do anything about it". About 100 years ago commies figured out they could use the weather and environment as a way of scaring, controlling, and taxing gullible people. Don't be fooled. Modern man can or has done very little to affect the weather one way or another. Other than seeding clouds, I know of nothing man has ever done to to influence the weather. If crazies want to talk about carbon emissions, let them go back to the Mesozoic Era and start there.

  2. That'll teach the little buggers to believe in lies and socialism.
    No sympathy for the stupid and lazy...

  3. I grew up with people telling me that if we didn't blow up the world with nukes, we'd all die from pollution. Guess what, kids; I'm still here. Of course, you'll keep spending like there's no tomorrow and hope Socialism will save you... Except... all your friends spent like there was no tomorrow, along with your government... Good luck with that dumpster foraging...

  4. It is quite possible civilization may not exist by the time they reach retirement age, but that has nothing to do with global warming and everything to do with globalization and the subsequent invasions called undocumented immigration.


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