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Monday, September 3, 2018

Exploiting Funerals For Political Gain (I hope everyone is as sick of this as I am)


"Race hustlers" Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson, and Cigar Bill pose for the camera at Aretha Franklin's funeral. I hope everyone can see them for the hucksters they are.

It has been said by leftist to "never let a good crisis go to waste". I suppose in this case the wording could be changed from crisis to death or funeral. As of late, the leftist-deep state-MSM-commies have done their best to use the recent deaths of John McCain and Aretha Franklin to further their cause, gain exposure, etc.  I'm thinking there is very little in the way of positive results for the left in doing this. I never knew Aretha to be political in the least. I always thought she was a "soul singer" and a good one at that. Now, the left has tried to make her into sine sort of "civil and women's rights" figurehead,  The puppetmasters have also fatigued the public with the "John McCain Funeral Parade" loop. The handlers have kept John McCain's body out and attempted to preach him in to Valhalla until he surely has started to stink in a different way than from when he was alive. I do not know anyone who was a McCain fan while he was living or anyone who has watched any of this macabre show of lies. The force feeding of his "legacy" has hopefully alienated more people who might have been on the fence. Maybe these two freak shows will backfire and turn even more voters to the right. I sure hope so. 


  1. The funeral was a cluster-fuck of liberals, traitors, and enemies of the United States. If McCain hoped for a legacy based on honor, his funeral sure was an indication there was none to be found.

  2. Too bad someone, anyone wasted a great opportunity to stage a mass assassination. Oh well, "WE THE PEOPLE ARE STILL GETTING SCREWED."

  3. I say: Let them have their day. Let them think they are safe and secure. Let them relax and ease their minds. Let them let down their guard. For we are watching them and waiting. Their collective day will come, and they will not see it approaching. They have no real fear, yet. They simply believe that no harm can come to them. They are "The Protected Elites of this World." There is no one who can stop them, for they are so much smarter than anyone else. They do not believe there is any power greater than their Deity, the Author of all Lies, and the First Radical Himself. We the People know that they are the foolish ones. So again, let them be. Let them smile and carry on. The poor bastards think they have us surrounded. See 2Kings 6:16, Be not afraid, powerful beings protect the righteous, see also 2Kings 19:35 (just one of them). These are eyewitness accounts of the REAL power in the universe. Just saying, yawl.

  4. Wellstone Weekend will make Paul Wellstone's funeral look like a political success.

  5. Take a good look at the photo of the Four Horsemen of the clown posse. You will notice they all stand apart from each other, no comradeship, they don't like each other and it shows. Diabolical Narcissism runs rampart here...

  6. The adulation of the state. Exactly like the funerals for stalin and lenin.

  7. Why again were both the dems and the RINOs trying to reenact the Wellstone memorial this weekend?

    1. I think a lot of it has to do with as Grey stated, "the adulation of the state". What is your theory?


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